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  1. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    It's classic bench racing, dman. For the gearheads out there, you can get just as much heat without light by popping up among the gearheads and asking Chevy or Ford? Big Block or Small Block? In the Hobby CNC world, you ask LinuxCNC or Mach3? Steppers or Servos? I agree, they both work...
  2. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    Nick, I am happy to correct YOUR misunderstanding of controls. You brought up glass scales as solving the problem of, "This simply means that the contol and the user knows exactly where the axis are. No matter how big the threshold, no matter what backlash, no matter how many steps lost, no...
  3. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    ROFL, I like the heavy weight boxing analogy! :fan: We're down to "He's wrong" and "No, it's HIM that is wrong." That means it's time to call a halt, especially on this board that does such a good job of keeping things friendly. For everyone interested, give them both a try and ignore...
  4. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    MuellerNick, furious tap dancing and name calling doesn't change any reality. 1. Smoothstepper moved the unreliable part (pulse generation) of Mach3 to hardware and did so cheaply. Could it have initially chosen a more noise resistant interface than USB? Sure. But so what? Lots of folks...
  5. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    MuellerNick, there is nothing false about it. With a hardware controller such as Smoothstepper, Mach can do the job reliably. In fact, there is evidence it'll be more reliable than LinuxCNC without hardware which is also not really real time grade if you look at articles like this one...
  6. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    If you don't already know Linux, coming up to speed on it is very painful for most would be CNC'ers. They already have a steep enough learning curve, especially if they don't already have manual machining experience. I'm surprised LinuxCNC is as popular as it is, given that issue. However...
  7. BobWarfield

    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    For those who are interested, I just completed a poll on what the market share is for the various CNC Controllers. You can see it on my blog here: Cheers, BW
  8. BobWarfield

    HSM - High Speed machining

    Howdy fellas, long time since I've been on this board. Not sure why I visited tonight, but glad I did. Maybe my ears were burning with these feeds and speeds questions, LOL. The feeds and speeds you describe are probably okay. The onset of "rubbing" happens when the radius of your cutting edge...
  9. BobWarfield

    5C Collet Chuck from LMS

    No idea why the "other chaps" like the shrink fit. As for me, it's easy to do. The difference in size is about 4 tenths, which is what I wound up with while shooting for 5 tenths. That was easy enough for me to machine and the process of putting the pieces together is also obviously very easy. I...
  10. BobWarfield


    I gotta try some anodizing when I get a chance some day. Your first photo reminded me I have that exact same anodizing "power supply", LOL! I bought the guy's book that runs the focuser site. It's really good information. Cheers, BW
  11. BobWarfield

    Designing gears

    Thanks, Noitoen, I added that to my bookmarks. BTW, the CNCCookbook bookmarks are all up on Delicious if anyone wants a LONG list of interesting articles: Best, BW
  12. BobWarfield

    This really hurt! Don't ever try it.

    +10 on that! The thing that's ugly about the free swinging bar, is that if it starts to bend, it is then flung around at a longer radius, which increases the force causing it to bend, so it bends further. It's a vicious cycle. I have seen fabricated supports that add a steady rest sort of...
  13. BobWarfield

    My 1st Boiler Design and Build

    This is a really nice build. Enjoying the pix! Best, BW
  14. BobWarfield

    5C Collet Chuck from LMS

    If the 5C taper is decent, it's a shame to have to go back and rework with the toolpost grinder. There is another possibility, which is that the recess on the back of the chuck is not concentric or that the flat back is not truly perpendicular to the 5C's axis. While they have a nice ground...
  15. BobWarfield

    Building a 120mm rotary table

    Arnold, thanks for letting us look over your shoulder. This has to be one of the most impressive projects I've seen in quite some time. Best, BW
  16. BobWarfield

    Starting Mini-Lathe Mods

    Lots of cool mods can be done to lathes. I like your QCTP, Chuck! Let us know how that tangential holder works out for you too. Bogs, I had missed your tapered gib conversion and enjoyed going back to see it. I would think it would be straightforward to add a very convenient saddle lock to...
  17. BobWarfield

    Anti singing!

    This is a good post to remind ourselves that chatter is a harmonic or resonance phenomenon. We always think of it as some weakness in our setup or machine. While that is true in some sense, it misses a larger point. Since we have a resonance, we can try to fix it in two ways. First, and the...
  18. BobWarfield

    Hats off to the MDMC!

    Can I please be #4? That display is just gorgeous. Even my wife would tolerate it in our house. How can you go wrong with that? Cheers, BW
  19. BobWarfield

    Milling tools for 60* chamfer

    The other approach (if your mill is able) is to swivel the head to create the 60 degree angle. Best, BW