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  1. de_das_dude

    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    unfortunately photobucket is a bad image host and none of the pictures are showing up! Even though i can view them after i copy paste their links into the address bar! please use imgur if you post any more pictures in the future :) !
  2. de_das_dude

    Cheap grinder wheels

    never buy grinding wheel knock offs, or saw blade knockoffs. these things can shatter and hurt you worse than a shotgun wound.
  3. de_das_dude

    Lotsa free engine plans

    thanks for the link!
  4. de_das_dude

    Rotary Engine Test - Video Outtake!

    well.. that was unexpected.
  5. de_das_dude

    Newbie from India.

    thanks for the warm welcome :D nah, im nowhere near sincere enough towards my studies to get into IIT :p
  6. de_das_dude

    Newbie from India.

    Hi everyone, i am currently 20 years old, and am one year away from finishing my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from a state affiliated college. The reason for me enrolling in ME was the fact that i loved engines ever since i was a kid. At this point, i know the theoretical aspects...