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  1. terryd

    Stephenson’s Rocket

    Ho Bob, There is also a rotatable (360°) model, which I just came across here, built from many scans of the original which was in the museum for quite a while. It can also be zoomed with the mouse as well and gives a good look at the workings. Remember that originally the valves on primitive...
  2. terryd

    Stephenson’s Rocket

    Hi Bob, Not sure if this is of any use or how accurate it is but here is an illustration from the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester UK. but given he provenance and age I suspect it to be pretty accurate, perhaps you could check some known dimensions as a proof. Here is an article...
  3. terryd

    Stuart 10v

    Hi Richard and Swarf, I agree about Gimp it reallis an excellent free open source app. Richard you can't do a 'save as' to convert a file to say a jpg or png format, you have to do an 'export as' from the file menu You can then change the format manually by deleting the one given and then...
  4. terryd

    Stephenson’s Rocket

    Impressive work, TerryD
  5. terryd

    The North Pole

    Hi, If you can't create a simple sun dial (stick in the ground 🤫) or it's not sunny I then use my Apple watch compass app. It's not super accurate - but neither is a magnetic compass if there's metal around - But it's enough for me. Of course on a clear night you could stand out in a place...
  6. terryd

    Distortion in a resin 3D print

    Hi Lee, In my experience I would print the panels in two parts and join them with a suitable solvent cement or cyano acrylate (superglue), araldite or whatever adhesive you are best with, it's the bed temperature and hot end that are critical. I can't say that I've had warping that bad in th...
  7. terryd

    Stephenson’s Rocket

    Hi Bob, Sory that this will be long winded, but here goes - I would use real wood. I use wooden stirrers glued with PVA white glue on to a fine muslin or cheesecloth which can then be wrapped around the boiler. You don't have to buy lots of expensive coffee to get them, they are as cheap as...
  8. terryd

    Drafting linen

    Hi Charles,You are correct. I have the original deeds for my property dating from teh 1700s which are written on parchment rather than vellu (cheaper) and they are as clear and legible as if they had been writen last week.. Indian ink on vellum or parchment will keep for centuries,there are...
  9. terryd

    Drafting linen

    Hi William, Would that be the translucent 'plastic pape' that came in around the late 1960s in place of tracing linen and drafting paper? It was introduced in our drawing office and we had to use special pencils for it. I disliked it but it was easy to correct when inked. It was easy to...
  10. terryd

    Drafting linen

    Hi William, At the risk of being thought pedantic, real vellum is a material made from goat, calf or sheepskin processed to have a very smooth surface. It is a fine type of parchment which is also made from animal skins. As it is extremely durable, traditionally, important documents and...
  11. terryd

    Drafting linen

    Hi michael, If I understand you are intending to print onto drafting linen, is that right? In my drawing office experienceas as an engineering we used to draft our drawings using pencils for ease of modification, they would then be traced onto drafting linen by 'tracer's (usually female)...
  12. terryd

    New UK member

    Hi Allan, I live in S Leicestershire. Welcome to this helpful forum. Your post above could have been written by most of us I suspect, certainly holds true for me, Best regards TerryD
  13. terryd

    Painting aluminum castings problems and questions.

    Hi, Read the OP again, he did use an etch primer.
  14. terryd

    Painting aluminum castings problems and questions.

    Hi, Be sure not to use any Alkaline product (such a Caustic soda or washing soda) on aluminium, it will remove the paint but attack the surface of the metal. TerryD
  15. terryd

    For Sale Vintage Stuart Turner D10 Steam Engine Single Cylinder Vertical Castings

    It certainly looks like a 10V with only one upright and the single base etc. The whole kit is available new and complete from Stuart Models for £110.00 ($132.00 plus postage. Edit, Having looked closer There are quite a lot of parts (castings) missing as well as all of the stock materials and...
  16. terryd

    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    Hi, We used to use what we call 'French Chalk' (aka soapstone) to lubricate files and try to prevent 'pinning' (those little bits of metal that clog the file). The powder from Fench chalk is much slippier than normal blackboard chalkand is much more efficient at preventing pinning, and of...
  17. terryd

    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    Hi Brian, Here's a nice 101 description of files; types and uses. Regards TerryD
  18. terryd

    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    Hi Brian, Most grades (Bastard, coarse, medium, fine and extra fine) are also available in warding (tend to be fine and medium), flat, hand and half round types as well as square, triangular and round. And then there are rifflers and needle of course. But then there are also general purpose...
  19. terryd

    Drilling Very Small Holes

    Hi K2, I do the same when making bits such as gas jets by rotating the work in the lathe but I use a modified circular pin chuck to hold the small drills (I use small HSS drills down to 0.2mm Minimum). The pin chuck itself is held in the tailstock Jacobs chuck with a sliding fit I can then...
  20. terryd

    Wobble Plate Air Compressor

    Hi Toymaker, if you have a smartphone there are free or inexpensive apps for measuring sound levels in decibels. Even those that charge allow a free trial. TerryD. Edit: I just checked my db chart and 40db is a quiet whisper so I agree with K2 your assessment is way too low. 80db is loud...