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    Thanks for letting me join from NW Washington State

    I enjoyed building a three truck Shay based on castings from Ken Schroeder with some help from Koxo Hiraoke. I run it at the track that the Orange County Model Engineer's have in Costa Mesa, CA.
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    Welding a copper boiler?

    The model live steam locomotive hobby is bigger per capital in England and they use copper boilers.
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    Are lathe tool carbide inserts supposed to be sharp?

    Grinding steel on diamond disks can ruin the disks. Yes, diamonds are the hardest thing but when grinding steel the carbon in the hot diamonds can migrate to the steel and cause many problems which why you should only grind carbide on diamond wheels.
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    Hello guys.

    I have made two of the copper boilers from P M Research and you can find them on the web. The make very complete steam engine and boiler kits and their catalog is worth having for itself. They also offer a line of fittings and castings that I have used and employed on my projects including a...
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    This is a 1:8 scale three truck Shay and it is propane fired. It runs on 7 1/2" track and because of the covid I have not been able to run it yet at the Orange County Model Engineers track.
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    alum works and it is safe
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    I have used Alum twice for broken taps in brass and it did dissolve the taps. You can tell you are getting a chemical reaction because there is a stream of tiny bubbles coming from the hole. It just takes time. You might have to coat aluminium with something to protect it but the alum does...
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    For Sale: partially completed Corliss Steam Engine

    Hi, I was wondering if this model is still for sale. I live in Huntington Beach, CA Thanks David Smith