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  1. cheepo45

    Tentative first Four stroke

    My first I.C. engines were from plans from The plans are very good and include instructions and building tips. Miniature I.C. engines can be tricky to get running, but it's a great feeling when they first start! Scott
  2. cheepo45

    Machining Valve Stems

    I remember George showing me this engine at the Cabin Fever Show years ago. The only way that you could tell it was running was by a small quiver on the rocker arms! What a craftsman! Scott
  3. cheepo45

    Parcell and Weed Vertical air cooled engine

    Thanks, everyone. This has been an interesting project. I'm glad I got it completed before boating and fishing season! Scott
  4. cheepo45

    Parcell and Weed Vertical air cooled engine

    Here is the engine cleaned up and ready for the shows! This was the most challenging of my engine builds to date. it has a lot of very small parts (especially in the hit and miss mechanism). A lot of fiddling and adjustments were needed to get it to run properly. Now on to the next project! Scott
  5. cheepo45

    Small air power supply for engines models.

    I have used a pump garden sprayer to run my engines (with appropriate fittings). I also have a California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S small quiet compressor (about $165) that works well at shows with electric power. It is very quiet. Scott
  6. cheepo45

    Parcell and Weed Vertical air cooled engine

    This is the vertical air cooled version. The castings came from Little Locos. The kit and plans are excellent! It has been a 3 year project. I still have to tidy up the wiring and do some more fine tuning - but it works! Enjoy!
  7. cheepo45

    Flathead hit and miss engine???

    Looks great - cool design! ;) Scott
  8. cheepo45

    Flywheel Foolishness

    I'm a flywheel guy too. I like your idea! Making the whole thing out of steel would make the welding easier. Scott
  9. cheepo45

    Parsell & Weed Hit & Miss

    The last couple years have been extremely busy, but I finally found some time to work on my Parcell and Weed engine. Today was a big day, as I finally got it to run! I still have some work to do, but this is a great milestone. The hit and miss mechanism isn't complete yet, but hopefully will be...
  10. cheepo45

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    When you enter the building and pay, go to the first exhibition hall on the left. We will be to the right of the doors, across from the Little Locos booth - they will have a banner up. Hope to see some of you soon! Scott
  11. cheepo45

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    We do try to set up in the front of the first hall across from the Li'l Loco's booth. Hope to see you there. Scott
  12. cheepo45

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    The Cabin Fever Show will be January 13th and 14th - hope to see some of you there. I just finished some new plugs for my engines. The biggest ones are M10 x 1.25, and the smallest is 10-32. I used a lot of magnifiers! Scott
  13. cheepo45

    Mery Explosive Vapor Engine: Getting 'Er Running

    Martin Models sells the casting set. Mery Engine Casting Set I'm not sure if you can buy the plans separately. Scott
  14. cheepo45

    Help: Looking for a steam engine forum

    Office of steam is a great one for model steam engines. Office of Steam Forum for Model & Toy Steam Gas & Hot Air Engines - Index Scott
  15. cheepo45

    Upshur "T" head marine engine

    I have been making spark plugs using Corian for over 20 years. Some of them eventually cracked and stopped working, but it was easy to replace the Corian insulator. I use .035 music wire for the center electrode, and .020 for the ground electrode. They work well. I run my engines all day at the...
  16. cheepo45

    Parsell & Weed Hit & Miss

    Sorry to hear about Glen's passing. Completing the engine will be a great tribute. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Scott
  17. cheepo45

    Machining thin Aluminium washers

    I have made a lot of washers using this technique.
  18. cheepo45

    1" Bore x 1" Stroke Vertical i.c. Engine

    I had my right carpal tunnel surgery when i was 35 (after working as a dealership mechanic for 16 years - don't use your hands for hammers!). My left wrist was done at 60. It was easy surgery and now both are fine. Scott
  19. cheepo45

    Parsell & Weed Hit & Miss

    Beautiful work! Scott