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    Garage Project???

    Think the wife would mind???:eek: http://bangshift.com/bangshiftxl/watch-a-4000hp-locomotive-get-built-by-hand-in-1928-absolutely-amazing-video/
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    Tiny V-12

    Anybody seen this?? http://www.wimp.com/tiniestengine/
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    Glass steam engine

    Don't know if this has been posted before................... http://www.wimp.com/steamengine/
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    Very simple motor

    Don't know if this really belongs on HMEM, but I though it was neat..... http://www.wimp.com/simplestmotor/
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    Help with a silver solder problem

    I have a cracked frame that I need to braze/silver solder. See the pictures below. The crack is ~.017 wide, .200 long and .060 thick. The hole shown is .450. My problem is that I need a way to hold the solder from running out the backside. I was thinking of turning an aluminum "plug" (that the...
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    Boring Bar question

    I need to bore a 3.25" deep hole a bit under 5/8ths dia. in a piece of 12L14. Unfortunately my longest boring bar will only go to 2.25" (I can only handle 3/8ths bars.) I'm looking at a couple of bars from LMS and have a couple of questions. One is a 6 inch (#1779) that uses carbide inserts. It...
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    Seating Valves

    AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( There, I feel better. :D Now I can go back and pull the head off of my Upsure Vertical one more time and try again.
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    Interesting lathe for sale

    If this lathe is as old as the owner claims things haven't changed much in 150 years. Ebay item # 250785911977
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    Tool Post Grinder

    LMS has their Tool Post Grinder for the mini-lathe on sale this week for $79.95 Do I want one???? Dean
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    Cutting washers from shim stock???

    I need to fabricate a couple of app 3/8ths OD, 3/16ths ID washers from .004 shim stock and don't have the foggiest idea on how to go about it. Any suggestions????? I have some brass stock and probably could find some steel. Which one doesn't really matter, but they need to be flat with clean edges.
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    Steam Traction engine

    Don't know how many here have discovered Jay Leno's Garage, but here is a video of his 1903 Steam Tractor restoration. http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/at-the-garage/steam-cars/1906-advance-steam-traction-engine/ You might want to wander around the website, it's really fascinating.
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    I need ideas on how to cut several slots in a small piece of steel. The slot needs to be square bottomed. I'm thinking about the only way is to use a file, but where can I get a file that has "safe" sides (only cuts on the edge.)? It can't be any more than 1/8th thick. Here's a rough drawing...
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    I need a piece of steel .50 x .25 x 4.0. I've been told that I should use 1144 stressproof steel as anything else will probably warp after machining. The only 1144 I've been able to locate only comes in round stock. Am I really going to have to mill down a piece of 9/16ths or 5/8ths to get...
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    Nickel plating

    I have a couple of small brass parts (3/8ths round by a couple inches long) that I need to nickel plate. Has anybody used a kit similar to this one? -> http://www.micromark.com/PLUG-N-PLATE-NICKEL-PLATING-KIT,8326.html And, if so, how well did it work?? I started trying to look up a simple DIY...
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    Thin line knurling???

    I need to knurl a couple of narrow bands (app. 1/16th) on a piece of 3/8ths round brass. Unfortunately they need to be incised below the major diameter so I can't just knurl the whole thing and then turn off what isn't needed. Any ideas or suggestions??? Thx, Dean
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    Model building getting out of hand

    Don't know if this has been posted before, but...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN_oDdGmKyA
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    Metallurgist question....

    This may not be the place to ask the following question, but the depth of knowledge runs deep here.... The traditional way of manufacturing firearm receivers is by forging and then machining to final form followed by heat treating. I have just read a claim from a small company that because...
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    Schedule 80 Steel Pipe

    I was planning on using a piece of Sched.80 pipe to make a cylinder sleeve for an IC engine The problem is I can't seem to get a decent finish on it in the lathe. I've tried carbide and HSS bits, varied the speed, feed and tool height and just can't get a smooth finish. It comes out with bands...
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    Two for One

    Here's a video of my latest (almost completed) builds. They are Brian's Twin Horizontal and his Pumpjack. Someday I may polish them up and apply some paint, but I'm still in the "I can't wait to see if they work" stage. ;D It appears that if I follow along with using his plans I will be...
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    Bondo for Aluminum??

    Help!!! I had the piece bolted down to a fixture and ran the end mill just a little too close to one of the mounting screws. The mill literally unscrewed the hold-down and the work shifted before I could get it turned off. Here's the result: Any ideas on how to hide it?? I really don't want...