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  1. mikelkie

    Build my own milling machine

    Like MrMetric say if you like building machine tools go for it, or you will be wasting time and and get frustrated and may even loose enthusiasm. if you were close by and with the strong pound you could buy a working Bridgeport from me for thirteen hundred pounds incl. vice and feed on X axis...
  2. mikelkie

    Trouble turning hot rolled steel!

    I'm not familiar with the hot rolled steel 1018 , in RSA we have hot rolled steel called wm300 used for die set bases etc. it quite soft and hardens where welded. I turn up to 200mm (8 in)dia with a insert at high speed with exellent finish but facing not too good but acceptable i use neat...
  3. mikelkie

    My shop

    Worth restoring such a nice machine, better than any Chinc junk:)
  4. mikelkie

    6 cylinder engine in line

    Real good and skillfull work, well done!
  5. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    Hi guys will follow up soon Thanks for the interest regards Mike
  6. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    There's no intention on my part to take over or to "hyjack" someones thread, just thought it may be good to revive the enthusiasm shown by Bazmak. Will refrain from future posting on this thread. :o Mike
  7. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    Some progress. Valvegear parts
  8. mikelkie

    Steam engine for my Shay

    Vielen dank, gute infomation Grus aus Sudafrika
  9. mikelkie

    Steam engine for my Shay

    Danke fur das teilen....sehr gut. Grusse Mikelkie RSA
  10. mikelkie

    Steam engine for my Shay

    Sehr schones modell !! Ist dieser motor umkehrbar?
  11. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    Some work so far on 2 engines S/Simplex Hybrid in 71/4 in. & Hunslet in 5" (also hybrid) The driving wheels obtained from another ME and was bored oversize hence the bushes Good luck to us all ME regards Mike
  12. Loco cylinder being bored
  13. Loco driver
  14. Loco cylinders
  15. Copper boilers
  16. Loco criver
  17. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    I like what you've done so far, i built two Simplex myself, wonderful performers. I just had my next Super Simplex's frames lazy cut(laser cut) in 71/4 in. Currently fabricating the cylinders from solid cast iron. Why not go for Super Simplex? better performer. Will post pics soon. Regards...
  18. mikelkie

    Simple mill threading tool

    Why did i not think of that? great idea Rudy, thanks for sharing
  19. mikelkie

    Topslide problem

    Busy people don't have time, so one has to make time do something that you will enjoy making and using or playing with. My lawn was in desperate need of mowing at the time but i made something useful. I did the lawn a week later:p
  20. mikelkie

    Topslide problem

    Hi Bazmak and Mach Tom Thank you for encouraging comments. When i make some t pins i set the top slide over to the required degree using a dti. along the taper reamer.Then turning the stock down to the size needed with the end supported with a small live center. I use a razor sharp hss cutter...