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  1. Roskrow

    Problems with Steel

    I have never tried to post a new thread in HMEM so just hope this is read. I have recently needed to drill small holes (5/16th) in Mild Steel. But I have found that although almost all drill with ease I have recently had a number of holes that just will not allow the drill to penetrate. I...
  2. Roskrow

    Class 37 Dan Leavons Design

    I have been given Castings and very faded old drawings of this Class 37. I am seeking (a) Drawings and (b) An assembly manual. Is there anyone out there who can assist me. In anticipation MANY THANKS Malcolm Farrant (Roskrow)
  3. Roskrow

    MINNIE Tracktion Engine

    I am very much a "newby at this scale of lathe work. I have just purchased the casting etc for the Minnnie. I good lathe and some milling experiece, Having now spent some time studying the drawings, I am not sure where the best place to start is !! I also see the there are items that are...