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  1. bmac2

    Filament Splicer

    We’ve been in “social isolation” for going on a month and all the interesting stores are basically closed. It’s also been unseasonably cold and we still have about a foot of snow in the yard so I needed a project. The other day I was printing a new enclosure for my engraver and this was going...
  2. bmac2

    Foot Switch

    I have (had) a foot switch that I don’t use often but I do like it if I’m using my little tankless compressor with my airbrush. The other day after using it when I unplugged the compressor it shattered like glass and the socket pulled right out of the base. When I took it apart I noticed a crack...
  3. bmac2

    Epoxy Syringe

    I can’t remember exactly when it was that a marketing guy decided that the average consumer wasn’t smart enough to squeeze out equal amounts of epoxy from two separate tubes so they started packaging it in the dual syringe style that in some cases is all that’s available. The idea was...
  4. bmac2

    3D Printer Build

    So I decided to start a build thread on this thing and perhaps share my pain. I needed a new project and started work on it just after Christmas. I’d been reading a lot on the internet, and watching a lot of videos on 3D printing but after watching Thomas Sanladerer series “Dolly: The Prusa i3...
  5. bmac2

    Tap Arm

    I had to think where to post this? Tools, Machine Modifications, Home Foundry & Casting Projects? In the end this is a casting project. Whenever I finish a project with a lot of holes to tap I start thinking of making a tapping jig. After finishing Mr. Elmer Verburg #5...
  6. bmac2

    SCS8UU Bearing

    I ordered a 4 pack SCS8UU bearing I’m thinking of using on the X axis of my laser engraver from one of my favourite Chinese suppliers and had a chance to mess around with them over the weekend. On line I have read that they may be half the price of brand name but you should order extra...
  7. bmac2

    Elmer’s No.5 geared engine with the wrong gears.

    I’ve always liked Elmer’s No.5 geared engine because it’s such a weird design but the ring gear is just too expensive for me to justify to myself. Playing around with the geometry it looked like it should be doable with almost any ring gear so long as you adjust the gear arm length to keep it on...
  8. bmac2

    Elmer’s #5 Geared Engine . . . maybe

    Emler’s geared engine has always intrigued me mostly because it’s such an odd design, but with the cost of that ring gear here in Canada is around $75.00 so I just couldn’t justify it to myself. Then while cleaning up the workbench I rediscovered my “drill grave yard bin” and in there is a...
  9. bmac2

    More Mini Mill Mods

    I finally got around to doing some long overdue work on the mill this past weekend. I’ve had iGaging DORs on the X and Y axis for a couple of years now and had picked one up for the Z a while ago when Busy Bee had them on sale. I’d also picked up a gas spring to replace the damnable torsion...
  10. bmac2

    Arduino Rotary Table for Dummies

    I’ve had a few people tell me that they like the project (http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/showthread.php?t=25783) but don’t feel comfortable with the electronics. I’ve been playing around to simplify it down to where I feel anyone who wants to could comfortably build the controller. With...
  11. bmac2

    Arduino control for a 3” rotary table

    I want to be able to cut the gears, and to do that I needed an indexer or dividing head. I’d looked at a lot of plans for different styles of mechanical indexers and was leaning toward “A Fairly Simple Dividing Head” http://www.deansphotographica.com/machining/projects/divider/dividinghead.html...
  12. bmac2

    My $20.00 foray into the world of CNC

    A couple of months ago I stumbled onto a web article titled “MAKE THIS 3D PRINTED LASER ENGRAVER FOR JUST $20” https://3dprint.com/79856/diy-3d-printed-laser-engraver/ created by Stephen Brockett an engineer in New Zealand. He has made all of the information available in the public domain...
  13. bmac2

    Plastic engine cams

    I knew that they are using a lot of plastic gears in small engines but I didn’t know that they are making the cam lobes out of plastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL7xWCAlczU Model engines (generally) don’t run under any load so with some of the filaments out there now could 3D...
  14. bmac2

    Green Sand Cores

    I know I haven’t finished the Whippet castings but some things have to happen when my wife is out. For the past couple of years she’d been putting out water for the birds all summer in basically a dog dish so I thought I’d try casting a birdbath for her for Christmas. I wanted the pedestal...
  15. bmac2

    Automatic Center Punch Fix

    I have a center punch that lives in my garage, it’s was a cheap one I’d picked up and I have had a love/hate relationship with it for years. The picture below shows just how the trigger on this type of punch works.
  16. bmac2

    Making a 10cc Whippet pattern

    * * * WARNING! * * * If you are looking for a fast paced, exciting thread that ends with a great model engine making that iconic first run . . . this isn’t going to be it. This is going to be about trying to make the pattern and about as fast paced as watching paint dry. But it may have molten...
  17. bmac2

    Taking my 4x6 to the limit

    Yesterday I made a stop at one of the local machine shops that let me dumpster dive in the drops bin. I wasn’t looking for anything I was just driving by and didn’t see any cars (Cars? This is Alberta oil country) make that giant pickups in the customer parking area so I went and grabbed some...
  18. bmac2

    An Update On The Troll

    Hi all Thought I’d throw out an update on the Troll (coffee can) furnace. As it turns out I was correct in my thinking that the physical act of melting aluminum is easy. If you gave 100 monkeys 100 matches and 100 pop cans eventually one of them is going to melt some aluminum. Getting a metal...
  19. bmac2

    Mako Burner

    Hum. Looks like I have to find something to keep me amused for the next 5 or 6 months. Good thing winter doesn’t start until Dec 21/22.
  20. bmac2

    Honest. It’s a Webster

    I wanted to build an IC engine and the obvious choice to me was a Webster. I still think of it that way and at its heart it is all Webster, it just doesn’t look like one. Well two months (very understanding wife), 27 pages, and 273 pictures later, I’ve learned that you really can get away with...