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  1. Tony Bird

    Changing Flywheels on models.

    Hi, To try and get a model Beam engine to go more slowly its flywheels were changed for larger heavier ones. Regards Tony.
  2. Tony Bird

    Fitting a face plate to a lathe.

    Hi, This might be found interesting. Regards Tony.
  3. Tony Bird

    Using a draw plate.

    Hi, A friend wanted some half round or 'D'section wire to go around the edges of the cab of a locomotive he was making. I had plenty in stock but he said that he would like to make it. So out came the draw plates and I made a short video which I hope you enjoy. Regards Tony.
  4. Tony Bird


    Hi, I am still playing at editing my old photographs and videos. Regards Tony.
  5. Tony Bird


    Hi, Still editing videos Regards Tony.
  6. Tony Bird


    Hi, Forced inactivity has made me start editing some old photographs and videos. Regards Tony.
  7. Tony Bird

    Refurbishing the chassis of a model Bowman 300 steam locomotive.

    Hi, When visiting a garden railway show earlier this year (2018), I bought a model steam locomotive chassis for £30. The seller said that it was made by Bowman and indeed it was, a Model 300 which in 1928 cost 18/6p (84/85p). The purchase consisted of a complete running chassis, footplate and...
  8. Tony Bird

    Making a pattern for a small model locomotive coupling.

    Hi, For many years I have used a commercial made injection moulded GRP coupling for my garden railway models. Its is a very simple coupling which I modify to use on the smaller models I make and play with. I think the moulds locating pins are worn as the recently bought couplings are a bit...
  9. Tony Bird

    Garden Railway Construction.

    Hi, A lot of the models I make are for use on garden railways. About 8 years ago my wife who rules our garden said that the garden needed to be made easier to maintain! As I contribute little other than help move things around I could not but agree. She also suggested that we might like to lay...
  10. Tony Bird

    More Shellac/Wax Chucks.

    Hi, As there seems to be a little interest in my video of using a shellac chuck. Some of the photographs I hope to use in my model engineering club talk: Regards Tony.
  11. Tony Bird

    Making and using a Shellac Chuck.

    Hi, Every year I give a talk to the local model engineering club. I was apprenticed in the Horological trade where we used Shellac Chucks; some times known as Wax Chucks. As far as I know these chucks aren't used outside the watch/clock making fraternity. When I started model making and...
  12. Tony Bird

    What I did last weekend.

    Hi, Regards Tony.
  13. Tony Bird

    What to do on a sunny day!

    Hi, I hope you enjoy. Regards Tony.
  14. Tony Bird

    Footplate ride on a 9F

    Hi, I hope you enjoy I did! Regards Tony.
  15. Tony Bird

    Statfold Barn Railway. Miniature Traction Engines

    https://youtu.be/mD1FBoEsD2k I hope you enjoy. Regards Tony.
  16. Tony Bird

    First sailing of a pond yacht after a refit.

    Hi, As it is summer, well that is what the calendar says it is I don't do that much modelling but spend the time either going and some times exhibiting at exhibitions. Or as this morning playing with my toys. Many years ago I bought an old 36" Pond Yacht to which I fitted R/C for the rudder...
  17. Tony Bird

    Cardiff Model Engineering Society open day.

    Hi, Last weekend I played trains on the CMES garden railway tracks. A bit of a video at: https://youtu.be/v47I7fKRJuI I hope you enjoy. Regards Tony.
  18. Tony Bird

    Statford Barn Railway and workshop.

    Hi, I hope this is the correct area for a video. https://youtu.be/-cAxjsSENqU The interesting bit is at the end; the railway's work shops. Sorry for the poor quality and length I am not very good with video and editing my excuse is a very old compact camera. Regards Tony.
  19. Tony Bird

    New Tool Holder.

    Hi, Many years ago I bought an inexpensive Chinese/Indian Quick Change Tool Post which after some modification has served me very well. When bought it came with 5 tool holders and over the years they are all used up with tools that I use frequently. I haven't been able to source any extra...
  20. Tony Bird

    Suggestions of what to do with.

    Hi, Having been away now for a couple of weeks, I have caught up with my drawings of what I might want to make again. While SWMBO was buying postcards in a souvenir shop so I went browsing. Among the usual tourist things there were some cast iron models, on a previous break I had bought a...