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    Technical Problems

    Thanks Rayanth. I would have preferred not to have two related actions separated so far apart. But oh well.
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    Technical Problems

    Deleting messages one at a time is too time consuming. I can select 50 at a time but can't do anything with that selection. Also, I haven't figured out how to move messages to other folders so I can empty them. Either the functionality is missing or its not intuitive. It should be easy easy.
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    Technical Problems

    I see that I can't send email either.
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    Technical Problems

    I got an email (personal mail system) saying my mailbox is too full and need to delete some. First time in I saw a delete check, checked 50 messages, and hit the delete. Not sure now if anything happened but the delete check box is gone and I have no idea how to delete mail. How do I delete...
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    Stuart No. 4 build

    I haven't been on the forum much lately... But tonight right away I ran into this thread (again) and read through it. Excellent stuff. Great pictures too. I really appreciate the detail and approaches taken. Gives a newbie a feeling of optimism. Most of us know the extra work it takes just...
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    What got You into HMEM ???

    There's the question of how one got started. And...there's the question of how one stays at it. This forum, more specifically, the members on this forum, is a big answer to that. Thanks all.
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    Small Locomotive & Boiler (ME Northumbrian)

    Wonderful wonderful Pete. It's been a dream of mine to build a locomotive. Can't until I retire. In the mean time, I enjoy living the dream through others like you. Well done and thanks.
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    Congratulations Paolo! Enjoy! Every time the wife talks about a trip to Rome, I think of you and your 'promise' to show me around. I haven't forgotten! ;D
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    Are we the fringe?

    Those who don't understand...provide the opportunity for us to teach and help. Many of those not interested in our hobby have hobbies we're not interested in. Those people are in other fringes. Vive la Fringe! Hmmm...makes me think about spending an hour or so at an elementary school. Take an...
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    Kozo A3 in 1.5" scale

    Nice shots with the smokebox! The rivets look great.
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    Hit me - Miss me?

    I'm with Graham. MANDATORY. I remember when this thread started. I want to remember its end. The end is memorable too. ;D
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    Building a Bigger Benson Engine

    Beautiful work. I think they said it right...'museum quality'.
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    Dave's distraction

    Nice 'distraction' Dave. Very sleek.
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    Briggs & Stratton 6S

    Wow. I'd somehow missed the video and am very glad I came across it today. Beautiful work. I really enjoyed the build thread too.
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    Today was a

    Congratulations Tel! Great pictures!
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    Trout's Shop Tour

    I got a ball? Excellent. I'll work on it...the video.
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    Trout's Shop Tour

    Always raising the ante eh Trout? Thanks for the tour. Was that the sink that made those sounds...or your tum-tum? :big:
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    Kozo A3 in 1.5" scale

    Good luck on the hydro test. Enjoying the thread.
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    Stuart No. 4 build

    Stuart models was a big reason I got interested in this hobby. I've never made one but always wanted to. Watching with great interest. Great job!
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    "Rushforth" is a steamboat!

    Cool boat! But what a rollercoaster of a thread ;D A boat! But no pics! Pics! But no video! Video! Bunch of guys drooling. Beautiful boat.