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  1. Ogaryd

    castings for sale - All SOLD

    Would you send me details on your Morton collection. Thanks Gary
  2. Ogaryd

    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    My plans are SOLD Thanks Gary
  3. Ogaryd

    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    I will take I paid for it (35.95)+ MEDIA MAIL shipping
  4. Ogaryd

    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    I have an unused copy of the plans that I would sell, if anyone is interested please contact me
  5. Ogaryd

    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

  6. Ogaryd

    Set of ACRO laps for sale

    I've sent PM. Gary
  7. Ogaryd

    Mini Oilcan hand operated

    Hi Stefan , If you have plans for your mini oil can I'd like to build one. Gary
  8. Ogaryd

    Tiny IC Engine

    Hi Mark, The plans for Kelly's tiny 4 are excellent, Gary
  9. Ogaryd

    Refurbishing an Old Model Steam Engine.

    Is that the same as a hot wrench?
  10. Ogaryd

    Piston trip igniters

    I believe Henry Fords original quadricycle used the piston trip igniter, it seemed to run OK, I've not seen this used in a model but would be interesting to try.
  11. Ogaryd

    Large Snow engine?

    The original 600HP Snow had a 24'' bore & 18ft. flywheel. a 9to1 ratio. I believe your estimation is correct.
  12. Ogaryd

    Help with Enco Lathe?

    Sorry to here about your lathe Terry. I have the same machine but regretfully no experience working inside the apron. It sounds to me this project will be like when we were kids, just start taking bolts out and you'll finally get there. LOL. Gary
  13. Ogaryd

    Anyone built the Kerzel or Webster engine?

    Hi Pete, I built the Kerzel about 4 years ago & and it's still one of my favorite engines. Some positives of the Kerzel is it looks and runs like a real hit&miss engine, starts in one flip of the wrist and runs for hours without water cooling. It is more challenging to build. No matter what you...
  14. Ogaryd

    Parting tool holder repair

    Hi Chuck, What do you think of drilling out the LH threads in the tool holder & counterboring the rear of the holder for a flat surface. Install a long 6MM RH shcs so you can tighten from the rear of the tool holder? Gary
  15. Ogaryd

    Replica's of Robert Stirling's models of the "air engine"

    I really like the wood and metal, makes a gorgeous engine, Do you have prints you could share with us? Thanks Gary
  16. Ogaryd

    Light -- More light

    Check the new price at IKEA, $9.99 Each, I have about 10 of them around the shop. For that price you can't beat them. Gary
  17. Ogaryd

    Kerzel Hit and Miss

    Good job WEEZ, That's really awesome.
  18. Ogaryd

    New old tools!

    Looks to me that you've got a very old & collectable Gerstner tool chest. This company is still in business today in Dayton Ohio. The rectangle lock and diamond plates behind the drawer pulls are good indications of its age. Look in the case under the bottom drawer for the Gerstner stamp and the...
  19. Ogaryd

    finally did it and here is the result :)

    That's a real beauty!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank's for sharing it with us. Gary