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  1. Aerostar55

    1936 Midget engine from Popular Mechanics magazine plans

    Jason, excellent build. I had been thinking of making a 1 inch bore version of the Midget for quite some time, because really the Midget isn't very small. Remarkable how your engine sounds exactly like mine! Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Aerostar55

    1936 Midget engine from Popular Mechanics magazine plans

    Here are some pictures of my Midget engine. It has an 1-1/4 inch bore and is built from castings. The first part of the magazine article had drawings for making the patterns for the Crank case halves, the Cylinder, cylinder head, Cast Iron flywheel, brass connecting rod, venturi, and timer...
  3. Aerostar55

    piston rings and pistons for 4-stroke engine

    Take a look at eBay seller “weplan” he has piston rings down to 3/4 inch diameter and model engine poppet valves 1/8” stem half inch face.
  4. Aerostar55

    YouTube of my projects - in 4K / UHD - Feedback welcome

    Thank you for the kind comments. I will have to apologize for my poor editing skills on the YouTube videos! Still learning the new editing program since they stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker. More to come - I hope to document the completion of my Panther Pup engine soon.
  5. Aerostar55

    YouTube of my projects - in 4K / UHD - Feedback welcome

    D Del: I also have a YouTube channel it's "gwheyduke" I'm mostly doing I.C. Engines but also a couple of steam. I've built several boilers and use a small foundry set up to cast parts. Just up loaded a three part video casting a 7 inch flywheel. gwheyduke cheers from Virginia
  6. Aerostar55

    Help tapping small threads, please

    I use a tapping s tand from Harbor Freight @80 bucks it was a good investment. Also use Tap Magic fluid. Before starting to tap I blow out any chips in the hole wit compressed air. I keep the air gun close and blow out the hole and the tap frequently, adding fluid after cleaning the hole each...
  7. Aerostar55

    Build it or dump it?

    I am from the Rappahanock area but not familiar with that eny
  8. Aerostar55

    Kerzel hit&miss by Mike

    The angle for the valves and spark plug holes appears to be 120 degrees the “half moon” shape would have to be just large enough to seat the base of the spark plug gasket. It would vary somewhat according to which plug you choose. I think Dave made his own plug. Finally, 45 degrees is the...
  9. Aerostar55

    Kerzel hit&miss by Mike

    You can order the Philip Duclos book from Home Shop Machinist magazine. The book has drawings for five IC engines and very good black and white photos of each operation with descriptive text. Making a small crankshaft out of bar steel, cutting gears using a mill etc. I refer back to my copy...
  10. Aerostar55

    Kerzel hit&miss by Mike

    Looking good
  11. Aerostar55

    My Webster model 4 stroke engine

    Very nice work Greg! I was well over 40 before I built my first engine , you have done very well
  12. Aerostar55

    Any plans for a v-twin small engine around?

    Model engine builder magazine published Drawings for the Hoglet V Twin
  13. Aerostar55

    Engine from Popular Mechanics 1946

    The engine in the article is actually called a 10cc racing engine. It was a model boat class at the time. When compared to the Elmer Wall Water Witch it is the same engine. The magazine plans in the article are accurate and the engine can be built using those drawings. You will probably need...
  14. Aerostar55

    First Boiler info

    Take a look at ”Myford boy” on YouTube he has a series of videos on constructing a model boiler.
  15. Aerostar55

    First Boiler info

    I purchased the horizontal boiler kit from PM research. It comes with everything you need including the silver solder and excellent detailed drawings with notes and instructions. Even if you don’t want to buy a kit get one of their catalogs,because it gives boiler recommendations for their...
  16. Aerostar55

    My First Engine Build

    Yes the bypass is the passage that allows the fuel charge to “bypass“ the piston. If you are seeing fuel coming out of the front bearing it should be going up over the piston. It’s normal to get a little during running as this helps to lubricate the crank shaft.
  17. Aerostar55

    My First Engine Build

    That flat on the top of the back plate is for piston clearance. If you didn't need it, I would suspect that your piston might be too small, or the wrist pin might be in the wrong place. Either of which would affect porting and thus the ability of the engine to pull fuel. Make sure that the...
  18. Aerostar55

    1936 midget engine

    The Wall Water Witch is my favorite little engine. I have original drawings for it. I also have the original drawings and magazine article for the Midget engine that you bought. Maybe we could do some sort of a trade? I can help you with parts or information on that Midget engine.
  19. Aerostar55

    Sand Mold Casting Problems

    Jim: I can recommend using sand from Budget Casting supply. I buy 50 pound boxes online. It is an oil sand works great with aluminum. I used it to cast my Atkinson engine flywheel. Other than that you could try adding a little extra water to your sand then after you pull the pattern out...