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    Parting tool chatter

    I agree with Dazz on the parting tools being tapered. Lots of books advise this method. However, when you buy a new parting tool it it always parallel. I find the thinner the blade, the better. Jack
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    Parting tool chatter

    I bought some nice inserted parting tool bits. The first time I used one it flew out of it's holder, and I haven't seen it since.
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    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    Here is the drawing of the spray bar, plus dimensions. Jack
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    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    I normally set the spray bar so that, if it has 1 hole, it points into the engine. If there are 2 holes, then they need to be at 90 degrees to the airflow. Jack
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    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    Looking at your venturi, there doesn't seem to actually be much space for the air to enter. Are your dimensions correct I wonder. Are there any leaks where the carb/air intake fix to the crank case? Maybe try assembling them with PTFE thread tape, being careful not to get any tape in the...
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    An excellent job you've done there, keep at it, I'm sure you'll have it running soon. Check your fuel line for air leaks. Is the connection to the spraybar leakproof? Is your fuel filter leaking? If the fuel tubing is old, it may have become brittle and not sealing properly. Are there any...
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    DEMON 2X

    One method I saw on U-Tube was to bolt the block to the cross slide. You need to make up a boring bar with bushes on the ends, which fit the block. The boring bar is then driven, via two universal joints, by the chuck. It's not that difficult, because the holes in the block doesn't need to be at...
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    Another variation on the Boll-Aero engine:
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    I do have some plans for the Boll-aero engine. They are as images. There are 25 of them. Here's all of them together, but too small to read properly.
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    Starting with the Boll Aero 18

    Your crankshaft looks good. I'm thinking about making one myself, but was wondering what would happen if the crankshaft were to rotate in the collet. Would this ruin it?
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    Leaky Check Valve

    Carl, You're probably right about the pressure, but I wouldn't like to even begin calculating the area of the ball exposed to the fluid. Any ideas please? Jack
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    Leaky Check Valve

    I'm sure you guys know more about check-valves than me, but consider this:- By tapping the ball with a hammer, you are increasing the area of contact of the ball. This means that for a given force, from the spring, there will be less PRESSURE between the ball and the seat. Jack
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    DIY drip feed oiler for cutting fluid

    I made mine out of a large tank that came from a steam cleaner. It used a needle valve as a regulator. It worked fine until one day I forgot to close the needle. A few days later, the tank was empty and the lathe rather wet. No, I haven't used it since. Keep Safe Jack
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    Odd Camshaft design idea

    Just wondering........... Would it be possible to make cams using a filing rest on a lathe and a vertical slide? Indexing would have to be done obviously. Jack
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    Hello from the Lake District

    Hi Nathan, I haven't built a Boll engine, but I've got lots of pictures and info. on it. Let me know if you want any. A diesel is quite a critical engine, as regards fits and tolerances, but don't let that stop you. You will learn quite a lot I'm sure. Best wishes with your one. Jack
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    Fitting Oilite Bearings

    To load your bushes with oil, you can either submerse them in oil, then place in a vacuum chamber. As the air comes out, the pores will fill with oil. An easier way is to submerse them in oil and heat up the oil. As it cools down, the bush will absorb oil.
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    Keep Logged in

    I use Google and that won't stay logged in either. I just had to log in again to post this message. However, when I go to Log In, the details are all ready there, so I don't have to remember anything.
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    Home-made collet chuck and collets - some Q's

    Harry, That applies to all tools really. It all depends on how much time and care you want to devote to the hobby.
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    Outlet for model engines

    My Grandson, age 6, got a present for Christmas with which you can erect buildings and lots of other stuff. There are NO bricks, it's all done on an i-Pad. Where will it all end? Jack
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    some days i tell ya

    Years ago, I was installing central heating in my house and I found a tin of solder flux under the floor. ...........and I'm still using it. Jack