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    Jet Packs?

    Actually they now seem viable as a Former member of a Mountain Rescue team, I watched to practicing of one which was going to be part of the North East Air Ambulance Service. So has anyone actually got a DIY drawings or whatever, please? Well it is like this! We in the North East of England are...
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    VJ DAY

    Just to remind everyone that final victory in World War 2 was against the Japanese. Much of the events leading up to it were fought by Forgotten Armies to whom we owe a great debt. W ell I'm not fot enough to go to the various British events but friends who are also Goldstars of Royal Air Force...
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    Trying to align an old Lathe

    Jon has an old early Myford. To help alignment problems he has sought my help and in addition, bought a test bar etc. Somewhere I have a copy of test sheet for a Boxford which is similar to a South Bend( I think or was old) The first thing that I would do is to make an elephant's foot for...
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    Don Ashton

    Sadly I'm reporting the death of Don Ashton, author of books like Stephenson's and Walschaert's Gears and many other things fom his website. He will be missed in locomotive circles especially and from me, as a friend of the family over many happy years Norman
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    Rotary Switch wiring diagram

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram for Dewhurst - Klaus & Nainer C10 A210 rotary switch for a small single phase lathe motor please Thank you Norman
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    Deckel clone U2 Tool and cutter grinder

    Is there such a thing as a decent manual to show set ups for this machine? I've tried and tried for hours to find something that isn't a mumbling, incoherent 'thing' Years ago there was a Chinese one ( I don't understand Chinese) but it seemed logical from decent filming. Sadly, it's gone...
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    Electrolytical Engraving

    Can anyone point to an old post on how to mark metal with salt or iron sulphate solution, please? I simply want to mark my hss lathe tools with the angles which I have or will grind. I'm simply recovering cheap or free old scrap lathe tools from various sources Thank You Norm
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    For the 7 x !!!!!!!Lathe People

    Having a ramble on the French sites, I eventually came across the Frank Patterson stuff from the Tools and Mods.com site. For the newcomer, clearly worth the time spent Cheers Norman
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    Turnado freehand Turing device!

    I read the advert for the above on the way home in the train yesterday Any comments please? Yes, I have got what appear to be possible tool holders. Cheers N Should be 'Turning' but apologies for my poor eye
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    SIEG SC4Tower?

    With an invitation to the Dordogne again, I've been brushing up my almost forgotten French. So I Googled 'Tours/Usinages' and came up with a French site which amongst other things has published 153 pages on the SIEG SC4 and if I have got it right, lots on other lathes and machinery. I...
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    Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

    Has anyone done any modifications to this machine yet, please? For instance , 'My' lathe tool holder is far too big for my sort of lathe tooling Thanks Norm
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    As a change to the frenetic run up to Christmas, my son phoned to ask if I had a demagnetizer. His best Omega watch had probably got magnetised on a mobile phone or -well, a lot of things. OK, I'd sort of forgotten that I had one festering away. However, it is fine for watches but what of the...
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    To Gus and maybe others

    I'm getting peculiar attempts to contact me. Something about 'documents'Maybe others are getting the same attempts. Who knows? Perhaps a message via the forum might clear matters. Regards Norman
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    Gong Hey Fat Chow?

    Or the Year of the Golden Monkey? Before going to the London Model Engineering Show last weekend, I saw and bought a lovely little Myford ML10 complete with all sorts of goodies- for less than the price of the goodies. So instead of buying a new lathe there, I came back with a self centring 4...
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    A surprise

    As most of you will have read, my little workshop has had its roof off, rain in and rust. I'd had enough and thought of a trip to London, Alexandra Palace and perhaps a new shiny Chinese lathe to order and that. OK< my set is booked on the train and my entry ticket is there. Breakfast, the...
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    Arduino and Vista

    Initially, I can and have downloaded Arduino onto my 'office' PC which runs Windows 7. However, I am trying to do the same on an old Toshiba Satellite laptop which is running Vista. Really, the laptop is passed its sell by date but trying to use it in the workshop would be ideal. I have a right...
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    Happy birthdays

    Happy Birthdays to some many thousands of 64 years olds. Whether I am included is only because I fell asleep looking down the lists- and LISTS. Meantime, it should all be cleared up-- by next year:hDe:
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    A neat bit of welding

    OK, we have Gormley's Angel of the North which is as neat a bit of welding as most will see. It sort of looks over where my wife's family had a castle. I hope that this stands a bit longer as hers -fell down:fan::fan: This is old news but a set of models has crept into New York. The name for...
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    YahooGroups- Unimat Forum

    It would appear that this group has simply disappeared. Presumably with a huge loss of information suitable for users Any comments please? Norman
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    A new use for a defunct system

    I suppose everyone is aware of Newcomen's Atmospheric Engine and then the very odd rail propulsion system by non other than Isabard and his kingdom Brunel which worked after a fashion but there was a better way. I recall- and so does my missus, that the bigger local shops in the centre of...