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  1. lazylathe

    Hit and Miss making ice cream!

    Hi All, I was at a Multi-Cultural show last weekend in Kitchener, great people and food!!! ;D When we neared the entrance i heard a sound... A very familiar sound, thanks to Catminer!! Anyway a guy had a John Deere Hit and Miss set up to churn ice cream, the old fashioned way!! It was very...
  2. lazylathe

    My new ride!!!

    Hi All, Been a bit busy buying a new car... Finally i have my one small car that goes like the clappers!!! 2012 VW Golf 2.5L! Andrew
  3. lazylathe

    How to smooth 5C collet bore?

    Hi All, I managed to pick this 5C collet chuck up for a really good price! It all works very smoothly and is made by a machinist from castings. There are two issues i have with it is: the bore is not very smooth. And it has a slight runout. Is there a way to hone it on the lathe to get...
  4. lazylathe

    1st Engine: PM Research 2A engine

    Hi All, I have had the last two weeks off work due to some serious health issues... The first week was a write off for any work in the shop, all i could manage was to look at the machines and be on here! Anyway the second week i was feeling a bit better and decided to do something for a...
  5. lazylathe

    Too many shapers?

    How many shapers is too many? I have the late 1920's Rhodes, which I will never get rid of. Famous last words? Not too sure... I was contacted on the weekend about an Atlas shaper. Going to have a look at it on Friday evening. The people selling it seem to be very helpful and are willing to...
  6. lazylathe

    Boyar Schultz surface grinder?

    Hi All, Tool question time!!! ;D I am on the lookout for a small surface grinder and need some opinions! (Actually it is for Catminer, i am looking for one a bit smaller...) There is a Boyar Schultz 6X12 in pretty good shape with a magnetic chuck for sale. The price seems to be pretty good and...
  7. lazylathe

    Rhodes Shaper!!!!

    woohoo1 WOOOOHOOOOOO! woohoo1 I am going to pick up a shaper tonight!!!!! ;D :big: Here are some pics of it from the seller And the slotter head Here is a link to it on lathes.co.uk: http://www.lathes.co.uk/rhodes/ And the sellers description: For sale is a Rhodes shaper, estimated date...
  8. lazylathe

    Fizgig - A rework in progress

    Hi All, On request from Catminer, AKA Peter i will post this. Many months ago Peter and i got together for the first time. I drove down to his place to see his workshop and his large collection of hit and miss engines he has made. One of them is an Atkinson cycle engine, very cool indeed!!! I...
  9. lazylathe

    MT2 tooling options?

    Following on from the Clausing mill questions... I have been moving my tooling over to the mill. It has a MT2 in the spindle. So far I have ordered a MT2 to ER-25 adapter, I have a full set of collets. This is fine for mills, drills and reamers. What I am having some difficulty with is finding...
  10. lazylathe

    How It's Made - Ballpoint pens

    Just saw this one on T.V and it had some neat stuff in it! Looks like an air pressure collet system and a very cool spring winder!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYme2M_YPu0 Andrew
  11. lazylathe

    Free 3D CAD modelling software

    http://www.ptc.com/products/creo-elements-direct/modeling-express/ Found this on the German dampfforum site. Looks like it may be a good one to try! Andrew
  12. lazylathe

    Setting up a VFD?

    My Teco VFD is home and i am reading the manual. The model # is JNEV-101-H1 http://www.tecowestinghouse.com/PDF/EV_Micro_Drive.pdf Very confusing to say the least! ??? I get the power in and power out and the simple stuff. Do i need to have a fuse/breaker before the power goes to the VFD? Does...
  13. lazylathe

    Neat oil can!

    Found this a while ago on fleabay! I just love the detailing, the patina and how it feels! ;D As far as i can tell it is from the early 60's. Still works like a dream!!! Andrew
  14. lazylathe

    Making woodworking files!

    Thought this was a really cool video to share! Hand made files from start to finish! http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/blog5/email32112B.html Andrew
  15. lazylathe

    New degreaser!

    Hi All, I posted a while ago about a Keller Die Filer that i had acquired. It was pretty disgusting from sitting all oily and had hardened to an impenetrable goo! Decided to strip and clean it so that it would look presentable. Had all the parts sitting in Simple Green for a day and the main...
  16. lazylathe

    What i do!

    Hi All, Thought i would share some pictures of what i do! Dental technician by trade, 5 years at Technical College and ended up with a B.Tech Degree, many years ago... ;D Anyway we had a cool case come in that sort of related to machining! A gold implant bar needed some 1.8mm holes drilled...
  17. lazylathe

    Small model show + Videos!

    Hi All, Thought i would share some pictures of our small booth at a woodshow. We try and be there every year to try an drum up some more interest and members. The table was crowded this year with all sorts of engines! A lot of interest from people which was quite encouraging! I have some...
  18. lazylathe

    Keller Die Filer Model 1A

    Hi, I was at a woodshow on Sunday and picked this up from one of the vendors. He also has an Atlas shaper he is thinking of selling! I am first in line for that one too! ;D Anyway, does anyone have any info on the Keller die filers? I have been looking for a manual or anything and have had no...
  19. lazylathe

    Rivett Lathe - Amazing!!!

    If only i was closer!!! This looks like an awesome lathe!!! http://www.ebay.ca/itm/PRISTINE-RIVETT-8-1-2-x-21-PRECISION-BACK-GEARED-SCREW-CUTTING-LATHE-608-/360442813481?pt=BI_Lathes&hash=item53ec10dc29#ht_5553wt_1398
  20. lazylathe

    Installing bearings?

    Hi All, I have bought new bearings for my mills leadscrews, a Clausing 8520 mill. Removing the old ones was really tough to do and required some gentle persuasion with Mr. Hammer. What is the best way to install the new ones on the leadscrews without any damage to them? Thanks! Andrew