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    WANTED: Bill Harris Steam Roller

    Looking for one of these as serialized in Live Steam magazine starting in March, 1990, part-built, broken, neglected, complete, shelf queen, whatever. I'll look at them all till I find that perfect roller. Prefer something in North America, but again, will consider anything suitable.
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    Dickins Loco

    Hi, all. I built this O gauge locomotive last winter, using a silver-soldered copper boiler instead of the brass called for in Dr. Senft's plans and finishing it for Christmas. Though I've run it successfully on air, I have yet to steam it: I read somewhere that these things have a...
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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    Hi, All, I'm kinda new to this site, but I have a real interest in model engineering and have built a Rudy beam engine and restored a Rudy Case traction engine wannabe. What I'd like to do now is build a Rudy "Copperhead" steam roller, but I can't find the plans anywhere. Can someone direct me...