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    PYRTE Traction engine nearing comletion, but back to te beginning

    HYDRO A BOILER AT 1.5 TIMES WORKING PRESSURE! not more ! the thought is that stress out things messing about with 2 or 3 times boiler pressure. ask any boiler inspector .
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    Home Machinist Gear Cutting

    there's a number of places where a stack of thin plate gears are used to increase load capacity there is also a method for spring loading the gears in opposite directions on a common shaft to make low backlash gear set ups
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    source of scale spark plug wire for hit and miss models

    Is there a source of a scale looking high voltage wire for the spark plugs and maybe connectors too thanks, chris
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    Depending on the boiler design and purpose if its a large say a rideable model burning wood or coal or anything else combustible then No, most of them foul up quickly. and the steam dome and such take care of drying the steam enough. A small boiler running on propane or alcohol could have...
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    Reverse Tumbler Bearings

    could be possible that the ball bearings on a proper fit shaft could put the gears at a more correct center to center distance just out of curiosity how many rpm are these spinning at ?
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    great video! just a small caution I quit wearing knit sweaters while running machinery after the right cuff got caught in the arbor that super quickly did a pretty good imitation of a tourniquet that sorta jamb's my hand so I couldn't reach the off switch unless I let go with my left hand that...
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    Leaky Check Valve

    My understanding is the projected area is what matters the aspect of it being a ball, cone, or a piston with a hex nut all the force vectors in opposition just cancel out and your left with the projected area
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    Close up work glasses

    Where I used to work , we had all bought these OptiVisor they were promptly named OptiGeezers by everyone they do work really well and have glass optics
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    DIY drip feed oiler for cutting fluid

    What kind of wood is that ? looks pretty hard
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    1/2 inch by 11 thread bolt ????

    some of the antiques have fasteners that were before the unified standards always sorta throw you for a loop . where I used to work we had a customer that made grain sorting machinery , designs that were pre WW1 and alot of their production tooling had bolts that were pre unified !!! (this...
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    Split bushings

    the method one where you take a over sized shaft, split it , machine the two inside faces, then hold them together some how say soft solder then the resultant shape is this oval kinda thing really needing a four jaw to hold well and to machine the outside you need stock to hold on to using...
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    help identifying aluminum alloy

    were you able to identify the alloy? some aluminium alloys machine poorly
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    Rotary Table Alignment

    we always center drilled a spotting drill nicer but kinda rare the most accurate cdrill technique was to just barely start the tip the stub tip is the right angle don't go deeper than the tips of the first set of flutes the idea is to have the drill engage on the cone shaped hole, not a...
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    help identifying aluminum alloy

    thats how it looks if you leave the plastic cover on to long like a decade or two the aluminium gets stained like that get the sticky off with a solvent then buff with a random orbit and some scotch brite
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    Difficulty with setup

    With just about any 3 axis cnc mill thread milling will give you anything you put in you could mill a thread on the out side of a triangle if you were so inclined But I suspect the lathe in the video is using a cnc powered milling cutter with rotation encoding along with the lathe spindle...
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    Mitutoyo or Starrett?

    There were some fake Mit. digital calipers out there for a while the telling diff. was the 1/2 thou digit was half sized in the fakes and full sized on the real ones . Not that many tool and die makers were buying the starret stuff compared to the mitutyo where I worked definitely even...
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    Deburr aluminium thin sheet

    the spacing between the cutters is relatively important along with edge quality to begin with, really ragged edges from dull shears that sorta thing. the guard needs to literally slide on the edge to keep cutter angle constant . corners seem to be a hassel with virtually all the deburr...
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    Deburr aluminium thin sheet

    I used to work at an outfit where we had to deburr thousands of sheets of half hard and soft stainless and aluminium the best tool for it seemed to be the NogaDB 1000 we had tried several of the motorized products with little success . the product had to be handled (by hand ) and...
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    Outlet for model engines

    there is a classified ad section on a site called smoke stak that has model gas, steam hot air engines being sold often https://www.enginads.com/classifieds/