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  1. rweber

    Anzani Crankcase Venting

    Nope, all 3 Cyl. Anzani fan engines have only one single crank pin! The purpose of the holes is to relieve temperature stress from the exhaust valves. The exhaust valve opens only when the top of the piston is at the middle of the top hole row and the most of the hot gases already left through...
  2. rweber

    Anzani Crankcase Venting

    Thanks for your answers! Well, thats a good point. I see, that at least one of the line of holes is uncovered almost all the time, about 280° crank. Only 40deg before and after BDC they are all closed. I agree, that the those 40 degres starting before BDC until BDC will not create much...
  3. rweber

    Anzani Crankcase Venting

    I would like to ask if somebody can give me a hint about the inner works of the crank case ventilation of the 3W Anzani. I assume its simple, like the rest of the engine. ;) I guess it hat to vent in both directions, so maybe there is only a piece of felt in it? regards Robert
  4. rweber

    Building the Felgiebel

    sent you a PM.
  5. rweber

    Building the Felgiebel

    I sent you a PM.
  6. rweber

    Project of the Month - April 2019

    Congratulations! A beautiful engine!
  7. rweber

    My first attempt to make the crankshaft from steel bar.

    I wonder how you do ensure, that the shafts are concentric and everything is in 90° angle after silver solder. Did you build it with a oversize of a few 10th an the grinded into the final dimentions on the lathe?
  8. rweber

    Fuel for 2 stroke engine

    It looks to me like the bubbles are coming out of the carburettor. Gasoline does not cool as much as Methanol. Did you check the temperature of the carburettor? Maybe the gas is cooking?
  9. rweber

    Anzani Fan Engine - Design Considerations

    Hi, currenty I'm preparing a scale rebuilt of the Anzani 3W dated from 1909 (Bleriot Type). A big challenge for me. At the Internets archive, i found a scetch of the crankcase, with some dimensions on it. https://web.archive.org/web/20081013122643/http://www.bleriot.org/sketch/front.htm...
  10. rweber

    Fuel for 2 stroke engine

    Hi, gasoline is not as ignitable as methanol. This means you need good compression, and what's more important, good mixture preparation. Possibly, you can improve the carburetor so that it does a better spray of the gas-air mixture.
  11. rweber

    Project of the Month - Feb thru March, 2019

    Thank you very much for the kind congratulations! You know that too, with each project there are phases where things are not going well or where they are not really fun to do. But once, when it's done and you get esteem, then it was definitely worth it and it keeps you going! Thank you, again!
  12. rweber

    Building the Felgiebel

    Jippie, they are running. All of them ;-) I did two short vids if you want to see. They can be found here: https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/threads/finished-my-felgiebel-project.30741/ Merry Christmas!
  13. rweber

    Finished my Felgiebel project

    Hi all, after nearly one year of work, I finished my build of the Felgiebel engines. The original intention to start this project was to obtain some knowlegde about 3D construction and printing, building sandcast moulds and finally the aluminium casting process itself. Once I´ve got the...
  14. rweber

    Building the Felgiebel

    Ok, alle the parts are completed. Now putting it all together ... This is the watercooled version, also described in the book. This is the "original" version from the book: This is my personal version, some slight modifications. A longer intake tube and a "tuning" head with higher...
  15. rweber

    Building the Felgiebel

    Finally I decided to build the heads from a round bar, to get this project done.
  16. rweber

    Bentley BR2

    For your information, in ME Issue 4589 started a series of articles where someone builds a BR2 composed with the best of both plans, the Blackmore book and the plans from ageless engines.
  17. rweber

    Bentley BR2

    Do you have plans on which you are working, or is it all own design?
  18. rweber

    Hello from Bavaria

    It's user wez1 in this forum. This is Stephens thread: https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/threads/gnome-monosoupape-rotary-engine.18713/ But I don't know if he is regurarely active here. If you have trouble getting in contact, PM me.
  19. rweber

    Building the Felgiebel

    Also tried this way, but the gravity produces to less force, to press the alu down and let the air come out. The result was not better as in the picture you quoted. Perhaps it would work, if you fill the alu very very slowly, but then it would cool down until you are finished. Now I'm thinking...
  20. rweber

    IC- and steam engine exhibition in Munich/Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleissheim

    Don't know if some people here around from the south of Germany, but If you are interested: http://www.deutsches-museum.de/flugwerft/information/kalender/ereignis/termine/event//tx_cal_phpicalendar/modellmotore_und_dampfmaschinen-1//2018/11/01/ I'l be there showing the Gnome and some others.