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  1. XD351

    Fusion 360 replacement

    I had the same problem ! All is not lost i got mine back but it took a good part of an hour of stuffing around and in the end i fluked it i think . I was fiddling around with some of the icons at the top of the left panel where your work is usually displayed and found if i clicked one of these...
  2. XD351

    Horizontal twin - Identity unkown - does anyone recognize it ?

    Craftsman 10cc twin by Westbury .
  3. XD351

    3D Printer problems - Monoprice/Wanhao D6

    Can’t comment from personal experience as I don’t have one of these printers . I did find what appears to be a solution in this below . https://3dprint.wiki/reprap/wanhao/duplicator6/major_components/motherboard Getting zapped from the SD card socket is a problem though and i would be taking a...
  4. XD351

    IC engine 0,5cc or 0,8cc

    IU - possibly imperial units ? Other than that i got nuthin ! If that is the issue it isn’t difficult to convert to metric and round up or down to the nearest metric size . The engine I’m currently building is a bit of a basket case ! It has measurements in fractions, decimal,metric and uses...
  5. XD351

    Sizing carburetor for model engine

    I found this on the internet - may be of some help . There are plenty of engine cfm calculators out there also . https://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/engine-conversions-92/839599-formula-calculating-carb-size.html Also this app for android ( free )...
  6. XD351

    Unidentified IC engine castings.

    Thanks Ken ! The castings came from a seller in South Australia and i will look up Adelaide Aeromotive . Maybe that will also lead me to some info on the other castings as well .
  7. XD351

    Piston ring rotation

    There are some radical designs out there for two stroke pistons and how they stop the rings moving . Have a look at a youtube channel called two stroke stuffing .
  8. XD351

    How to Hall Effect?

    Possibly a F850 Mosfet or a Chinese copy of it . Try a search for F850 Data sheet .
  9. XD351

    Trouble with cut off operations

    I had an issue with my lathe when setting up a parting tool using the tailstock . I set the height and locked the toolholder down then tried a cut and had a dig in so i scratched my head a little and thought I would go over the set up again just to make sure I didn’t stuff something up . I spun...
  10. XD351

    Trouble with cut off operations

    I can’t say i like the type of toolholder the OP is using as you can’t shorten the tool right up to the lathe toolholder and thus eliminating as much overhang as possible . I was using the blade and insert style holder but got sick of paying for inserts and blades - decent quality items are...
  11. XD351

    Trouble with cut off operations

    I forgot to ask , When you set the height of the tool dis you set the outside edge of the insert or the bottom of the groove in the top to centre height ?
  12. XD351

    Trouble with cut off operations

    If you need to part off from a long bar that doesn’t fit inside the spindle bore set up a fixed steady close to the end where you are going to part off , I don’t like parting off when the part is between centres as it can cause a jam up . Try some WD40 on Aluminium as this will help to stop the...
  13. XD351

    tangential holder , angles ?

    You can also use carbide in a tangential holder - just braze a piece of carbide onto a piece of square steel and grind the thing up .
  14. XD351

    Model Engineering Magazines Back Issues Sourcing

    Pocket mags can only go back as far as the digital archive on the ME website .
  15. XD351

    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    I am truly gutted ! It saddens me enough to see old age claim a model engineer let alone to see one have a hobby they love stripped from them because of a physical ailment . I too have back issues but not in your league and standing for even half an hour can become excruciating which usually...
  16. XD351

    Unidentified IC engine castings.

    Hi everyone. I picked these castings up recently and thought i would show them here in case somebody recognises them . The smaller of them is about 2-1/2 inch high (63mm) approx has 21 cast on one side and B on the other , seller states it is a DB 21 Diesel . The bigger one has no markings , is...
  17. XD351

    Foot Switch

    Nice repair ! I haven’t got around to using petg yet but give me time !
  18. XD351

    Old School Sawmill Edger

    I must have done something bad in about twenty previous lives as my woes are never ending ! My motto is make it three times as one of them has to be close to right ! You could try threatening it with a suitably sized hammer ! I”m sure that me standing there with menacing look on my face and a...
  19. XD351

    Attempt at a coolant mister

    I gave up on mine and set it up as a drip feed for parting off , it plugs into a pump preserve spray bottle and i set it so i get about two drops a second out of the nozzle .
  20. XD351

    Simple cam grinding jig

    Being able to grind one piece cam would be a bonus ! I will have a look at your other videos on your channel later today !