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    Marklin 4158/91/7 - Oh boy is this cool

    I agree with Bob. Leave it as original as possible; just clean carefully.
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

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    Shipping US to Canada

    USPS only. I once bought an item that the seller shipped by UPS without telling me, and paid almost three times its value before I was through. As for Global Shipping, I do not buy from sellers who use it. It's slow, really expensive (often including "customs" fees that do not apply), and...
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    Free ball bearings

    I think all we'll need is your name and the e-mail address that goes with your PayPal account, and we'll have both when you write directly to us to get our mailing addresses. We can then pay what you calculate for postage. Many thanks for your kindness.
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    Free ball bearings

    Hi, I could use 20, if they are available PayPal is good.. Email reros@vianet.ca Thanks. Bob.
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    Atlas Lathe Milling Attachment

    And if it fits a South Bend, it'll probably fit a Logan, too.
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    Oops! Just read that your lathe is in for repair. Let us know what went wrong. Anyway:: Many motors have a reset button to protect against overheating and power surges. Look for that and press it. My Busy Bee lathe's magnetic switch once gave out. A multimeter helped pinpoint the problem, and...
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    1-1/2 Steam Roller Long Term

    That's great! I've been collecting pieces for quite a while, too, but just before Christmas I was offered a completed roller that I couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, the Christmas roller was dropped in shipping, but the shipper reimbursed me for the repairs, so all has ended pretty well:
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    WANTED: Bill Harris Steam Roller

    Found one.
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    Soft copper tubing?

    These work all right for gentle bends in annealed copper, but they can't handle tight ones, at least in my experience.
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    Holt tractor engine

    "So for those of you who would like to build a Holt, hang in there for awhile. gbritnell" Hanging in....
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    The Most Hideous Running Webster 4-Stroke Ever.

    Like it! If it runs, it's perfect!
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    Definite Blunder

    I have placed a 1"x2" rectangular magnet on the belt guard of my Logan lathe, and I just lay the chuck key up against it. Quick, convenient, and secure.
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    Online Metals ProtoBox

    I, too, have an arrangement with the local scrap yard. An advantage of this is that, as well as finding neat scrap, I can also find useful steel things at very little per pound. I found one of these expensive rotary gasket cutters last year:
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    Project of the Month - April 2019

    Really nice! I'd like to be a machinist like that when I grow up.
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    Model engine CDI easy and cheap

    Sounds very interesting. I'd love to know how make one of these.
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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    Still looking for plans. Can anyone help?
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    Wanted : Wheel valve stuart 504 boiler

    Why not make one? https://www.pmmodelengines.com/shop/pipe-fittings/globe-valve-kits/
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    Penbwl a Welsh tadpole

    Slot car gears worked for me too. Mine have a 3:1 reduction ratio, but then I'm not out to beat the Spirit of Australia.