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  1. terryd

    Mini Tube bender.

    Hi, I'm building some live steam models and will need to bend quite a few tubes in the near future. One pressing need was to make a pressure tester for the boilers I build and this also involved some mini tube bending - 3 mm diameter in this case. So I decided to make a manual bending device...
  2. terryd

    Warco 280V-F Lathe for sale

    I have this Warco lathe for sale. It has done only a few hours light work, probably less than 15 in total on mostly small brass and Delrin components. It is as new and has been kept in a dry, weather sealed garage - no rust or dirt. I have never needed to use coolant. It comes with a Warco...
  3. terryd

    Warco WM 280V-F for sale

    I have a Warco lathe for sale. It is virtually unused, in fact it is as new. No rust, no cutting fluid used, just a few hours making small brass and delrin components. It comes with a complete set of tools and accessories as supplied by Warco with their lathes plus a stand and around £250 to...