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    New workshop

    Hi all I am about to build a new workshop and fit it out with all new machinery, amazingly this is being sponsored by somweone else!! Anyway the lathe and mill will be imported from Australia to Thailand, so my question is what do I buy? Sponsor want to go with all new machines and they will...
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    Peewee V4

    Hi all I finally took the plunge today and overcame my fear and made a start, as the camshaft seemed the most daunting I decided to have a go at that first, I only have Sherline machines and I wanted to use Steve Huck offset turning method but the lathe is so small I don't think it would...
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    Look what the postman brought me today!!!!

    These are the castings for the PeeWee, I think this is going to be a real challenge for me:confused:
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    Coleman fuel, zippo lighter gas

    Hi all I am currently in Singapore and looking for coleman fuel which I cannot find, I have done some research and found many articles that say that Ronsonol or zippo lighter fluid is the same as coleman fuel,zippo lighter fuel is available here no problem, have any of you guys used lighter...
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    Linford two stroke

    Hi guys If you have read my other posts you will know I work offshore and have put together a portable machine shop to take with me, we'll I had it all packed ready to go and I got call from the office saying I would not be traveling for another week or so, impatience got the better of me and...
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    Machining cast iron

    Hi Guys I am about to start machining the fins on the cylinder for my Linford opposed twin build, I did a trial cut this evening and dulled a 1mm cutting blade instantly, I am trying to achieve a 2 mm wide cut 5mm deep into cast iron, so please help how do I machine cast, should I be using...
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    Portable machine shop

    Hi guys So I was asked some time ago to show my portable workshop once I had it all together, so here it is just before packing ready for my next trip to work offshore, it ended up weighing just under 35 KG that's without any of my personnel belongings that I need to take with me, as you can...
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    Hole size for reamer

    Hi guys Could you please help me out, I have just bought myself a set of reamers, and the question is how much smaller than the reamer do I drill the hole? some of you may remember I work offshore and have put together a portable workshop (Sherline )this is the second trip I will be taking...
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    Manual or DRO

    Hi all I have been lurking around here for a while now and took the plunge today, First let me say I am amazed at some of the work you guys produce, I currently do not have any machines, a bit of background I work offshore, 3 month trips never in the same location, any way after doing some...