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  1. GrahamJTaylor49

    Problems with Steel

    Talking about center punches being the tool of the devil and "Mr. Hammer" causing even more problems, has any one tried the "Dankroy" optical center punch ? I bought one at the Model Engineering show at Wembly Conference Centre many years ago and have used it with terrific results ever since...
  2. GrahamJTaylor49

    Air Compressor for mist system?

    I tend to sell, service and maintain air compressors a little larger than these, up to 100kW. Open the door in the side of them and walk in. I find that the Bambi and Jun-Air units are more than suitable for the small workshop and to all intents and purposes are as quiet as you will get. They...
  3. GrahamJTaylor49

    Gerry's Beam again.

    Rich 12-12, I'm in the process of making a Stuart Turner Major beam engine, What part of Dorset are you from ?
  4. GrahamJTaylor49

    Close up work glasses

    Got a pair of these, they are great. Light weight and with the light they make fine close up work a real pleasure.
  5. GrahamJTaylor49

    Small bore rifle barrels.

    I used to buy air gauge barrel blanks from Doug Shillen for my long range pistols. When I received them I cut them to length, chambered them and then crowned the muzzle. With a 10x power extended eye relief Lupold scope we were regularly returning 0.2" groups at 200 yards. Have got 7x Bisley...
  6. GrahamJTaylor49

    Seeking Drawings for Yacht Signal Cannon

    Hi Jenny, The definition of a shotgun is a smooth bore weapon with a barrel not less than 24 inches in length and needs a shotgun certificate and if made must go through proof at either London or Birmingham proof houses. If the barrel is shorter than 24 inches it becomes a firearm and has to...
  7. GrahamJTaylor49

    Know where your fingers are---

    Oh boy, many a true word. Many years ago I was setting up a Herbert 2D capstan lathe where I worked as a tool maker / machine setter and general dogs body for an old boy who lost his legs through a smoking related desease . The material I was setting the machine up with was 3/4" hex bar held in...
  8. GrahamJTaylor49

    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    Hi Jenny, Sorry to hear of your problems, the arthritus in my hands is nothing to your pain. I've got to get rid of a load of tools simply to make room for more tooling. I still sell, service and repair air compressors and my clients, knowing that I work with model engines, keep offering me...
  9. GrahamJTaylor49

    Does anyone recognise this as an engine?

    Could be an old "farm engine". There were a lot of them around in the '20's and '30's to drive things like milking machines. No casting marks or names on them. Bought by the local blacksmith as a set of castings and machined up with his machine tools in the local forge. I aquired an exposed...
  10. GrahamJTaylor49


    Pin the corners back with a staple gun ? Just joking. I use the scalpel myself and then splash Hydrogen Peroxide on the cut, 3-5%. Works.
  11. GrahamJTaylor49


    I am a compressed air engineer. I sell air compressors, air systems on workshops and factories and I am consulted on how to use compressed air safely. I have to tell my clients about the danger of compressed air. DON'T, DON'T, DON'T ever blow yourself down with compressed air. A number of things...
  12. GrahamJTaylor49

    Online old engine(s) auction.

    I sold it for £199 because that was what it was worth when I was 22 years old. I'm now 70. Believe me, I have always regretted it and one day, if I win the lottery, I will get another one. Or a Morgan Plus 8, that would do as well.
  13. GrahamJTaylor49

    Online old engine(s) auction.

    Sold my 1949 Vincent series C Rapide for £199, always regretted it.
  14. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hullo from Or-straylia

    Last Sunday I did a boot sale and finally got rid of all my imperial mikes. It was only when my wife asked me if I had anything in my workshop that I wanted to get rid of that I realised that the mikes hadn't been touched for well over 6 years, and then only to dust round them. Surprisingly, the...
  15. GrahamJTaylor49

    Great coolant except its toxic

    With all this talk about the toxicity of coolants I think we might be more concerned about the micro fibres that we are breathing in from our synthetic clothing. With the enormous amount of waste plastic around these we, as engineers, must be able to find a way of turning it back into oil and...
  16. GrahamJTaylor49

    Great coolant except its toxic

    All this talk about misting coolant onto the component that is being machined, has anyone thought about breathing in this material. ? I supply, service and repair industrial air compressors and one of the greatest problems I have is the oil / air cooler radiators getting clogged up with the...
  17. GrahamJTaylor49

    Myford's metal lathes

    I have amassed a fairly comprehensive home workshop over the years starting off with a Harrison 10" lathe with a taper turning attachment on the back of the bed. I think it must have come over from the States as part of a Lease Lend package from WW1. The wear was terrible and in the end I sold...
  18. GrahamJTaylor49

    Dykem Hi-spot

    I have no idea of the current price as I bought my little tin well over 20 years ago. Mind you, it's still ok.
  19. GrahamJTaylor49

    Dykem Hi-spot

    In the UK the oil based blue for finding high spots was and still is known as "Micrometer Blue" and comes in a small round tin about 2" diameter. As an engineering apprentice we found that if the blue was put on the handle of the college instructors bench vise he could get it all over his white...
  20. GrahamJTaylor49

    Online Metals ProtoBox

    It's amazing what you can pick up at the local scrap metal yard. I bought a Cincinnati dividing head for £10.00. Had a lot of backlash in the spindle but the scrap dealer didn't know that there is an adjustment screw inside the unit and it's working like new. Fitted a 3 jaw chuck and it's worth...