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    Propane torch advice needed.

    No rush Eric
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    that would be awesome
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Does yours look the same as picture 4? I can't figure out how the air gets mixed in. Eric
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Which one? the Airco or the Sievert?
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Then there is this one. I guess I would need to add a regulator/hose.
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Yes, I am aware there is more to it than just the torch, but locating a suitable torch seems to be the first hard part. I can also get a "weed torch". Just trying to get a decent torch somewhat inexpensively while not wasting money. I know the run-of-the-mill plumbers soldering torch with its...
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Is this propane torch suitable for silver soldering a 3" diameter copper boiler? I am concerned about picture 4, it doesn't seem to mix propane with air here. Considering buying it used online. It's an "Airco Propane Torch" Thanks, Eric
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    Power hacksaw

    without pictures it does not exist. :) Eric
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    PM Reseach live steam engine powering a Sherline lathe !

    I think you forgot something...:)
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    Major grief from a drill press

    3X on too slow spindle speed. Also you should back the drill bit out a few times during the job to allow the chips to clear. Ease up the pressure just before breaking thru.
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    Toolpost Grinder - need help

    Judging by the pic in the first post, I think the o-ring belts could stand to be a little tighter. Eric
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    Aligning Lathe Tailstock

    How do you know the thin rod is straight to begin with?
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    Making a builtup crankshaft

    I built up a crank with lock tight and tapered pins. I didn't leave much clearance (slip fit)? I assembled the crank on the one piece shaft then cut out the center shaft afterward. The crank shaft is in the pic.
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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

    A DC motor will produce much more torque at low speed than an AC motor. In order to do it at a predictable speed you need feedback from the motor to the drive. Few low end DC drives or motors have provisions for this. A DC motor with feedback and a matching drive would be the cats meow for a...
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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

    All I am saying is an AC motor will have better speed regulation than a DC motor, assuming neither has feedback to the drive.
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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

    Almost all VFD's accept both single and 3 phase input, and all are 3 phase output. If you connect a 3 phase (input) VFD to single phase, you need to derate it by 30%. In other words, a 3 HP VFD can only run a 2 HP motor if it's connected to single phase input.
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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

    I have the same lathe and also put a VFD and 3 phase 1/2 HP motor on it. I love it. The DC motor conversion is not as good. No torque at low speeds and poor speed control at all speeds (slows down a lot under load compared to a AC motor and VFD) VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive The...
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    Please don't operate a lathe if your stupid!!!

    Yeah they are idiots. Unfortunately, today's youth feel just as immortal as the youth from the generations before them. Most young people don't start thinking right til they are 25. This is not new to "today's" youth. We just didn't have video cameras to record (and broadcast) our stupidity back...
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    Baby Steps

    Excuse my ignorance. What is an optical wiggler scope and how does it work? Whatever it is, nice job so far. :)