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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Is this propane torch suitable for silver soldering a 3" diameter copper boiler? I am concerned about picture 4, it doesn't seem to mix propane with air here. Considering buying it used online. It's an "Airco Propane Torch" Thanks, Eric
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    Inline twin 4 stroke

    I built this engine a few years ago. It didn't run right away and I put it away. A week or two ago I got it back out and with the help of some nice folks here I got it running: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEiAqewCuOU Now I will continue the build here. It still needs a water pump, rad/fan...
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    damn thing won't run

    I built the twin in my profile pic 2 years ago. At that time I tried to run it and it wouldn't go. There were several issues. No compression being the biggest. I put it away. I finally got it back out and replaced the head gasket, redid the valves, put a bigger flywheel. It now has great...
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    New home, new shop

    I have a 10' x 12' shop in my old house. We moved into a home with an unfinished basement. I claimed half of it for my shop. It's about 24' x 24'. Here it is:
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    Which torch for silver soldering?

    Here are 3. Any advice?
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    Hot water heater explosion

    Have a look at what a boiler failure looks like.... Watch it go thru the roof of the shed like a rocket. Eric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv178a60Ypg&feature=related
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    boiler from bbq propane tank question.

    Has anyone ever tried to make a boiler out of an empty propane cylinder such as this one? Designed for pressure, built in relief valve. Nice size for a small/meduim model steamer. Has it been done?
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    DIY 5C collet chuck question

    I would like to build a collet chuck for my 8x12 lathe. It will bolt on the existing face plate/chuck adaptor. 2 questions: 1) I would like to build it to incorperate a big nut on the front to tighten against the collets so no draw bar. This will enable long stock to be machined. Is this an...
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    VFD added to HF 8x12 lathe

    Here are a couple pictures of the VFD installation. I can now do about 200 RPM to 2000 without a belt change. If I need torque for heavy cutting at low speeds, I will still need to change the belt position. The belt is set for the old 420 RPM position. Old motor was 3/4 HP, 1750 RPM, new motor...
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    Cast Iron and galling bolts

    I am putting a VFD on my 8x12 lathe. This means a 3 phase motor needed to be mounted. After removing the old motor, I marked holes to be drilled and tapped into the cast iron for the new motor mount. I was playing with the position of the new motor to get the belts right, so that involved...
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    DC Machines - You have to love em.

    OK, since I am all wound up (pun intended) about my solenoid engine running, I want to build another electric machine. I am thinking a regular DC motor with wound armature and field coils. The plan is an open design so all the whirly parts can be seen. As I mentioned in the solenoid post, I...
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    Solenoid engine running!

    Solenoid engine vid:www.ody.ca/~envanandel/sol.mpg You tube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzNAGLzuAQ8
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    swirlmark finish

    I want to add some bling to my solenoid engine. How do you guys get that sweet swirl finish on ali? I can guess it's a wooden dowel and some grit, but want to ask here to be sure. What I mean is this beauty from Bogstandard: E
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    Single cylinder solonoid engine design and build

    I drew this one up last night. I need a diversion from a stubborn twin 4 stroke I am trying to start so here it is: I teach electrical to college students so this one could be used as an object lesson when teaching electromagnetism. The coil is located under the aluminum cyclinder cover...
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    Spark plug boots

    Anyone ever make any? How? I am sure they can be bought, but I would like to know if there is a "hardware store" way to make them. E
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    accurate length of lathe parts..

    Since we can't measure parts while in the chuck, I was wondering how best make parts to the correct length. The way I do it is make the part, part it off a little long. Chuck the part, clean up the face. Remove from chuck and measure. Make a mental note of how much needs to come off, rechuck...
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    Oh Dro!

    I hacked a couple $20.00 calipers to make some DRO's for my 8X14 lathe. The z axis is longer than the 6" caliper so it's on magnets and I can move it around a bit. First photo shows x axis, second shows both. Ugly and a shameful misuse of a precision tool but it makes my life easier and they...
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    cnc mill-drill with VFD

    Here is a video of my converted mill-drill 4jsedtI22Ik
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    Some Engines I have built

    I am new here. Just a couple projects I have done. These have also been posted on another forum, but here they are anyways: V-4 Steam Engine n9n6udK6ISE Eric