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    Lubrication for Compressed Air Engines

    Hi folks, As I pick away at my Elmer's #33, one question that comes to mind is how to lubricate it. The wobblers I have built before are pretty easy to lubricate, but I'm wondering how to take care of a more complex design. All the external stuff is easy enough, but how do I ensure proper...
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    Elmer's #33 - a novice makes chips

    As a bit of reintroduction, I've had a manual Sherline 4400 lathe for a while and a couple years ago complimented it with the A2Z CNC Monster Mill to maintain Sherline compatibility. Knowing little of operating a mill or CNC at the time, after a few basic bits and pieces I christened it with a...
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    Elmer's #2 & #25

    After all I have learned here, I have finally decided to give a little back and share my projects in action. The #25 was my first engine build, first run last August. The #2 I finished up right before Christmas. I'm using a Sherline 4400 lathe and A2Z CNC Monster Mill. #25 Wobbler...