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    USA V-belt size for the Myford ML7 lathe

    I would like to change the worn out motor drive pulley V-belt on my Myford ML7 Lathe..I think its a US # 3L350 but not sure, ?? Has any one in the US replaced one. Thanks
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    carbide inserts where are you buying them

    I need to find a good place to buy inserts, those who use them let me know where you buy them with out braking the bank...
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    Need a drip feed oil for my Myford lathe

    I would like replace one of the oilers on my Myford ML7 lathe. I got the lathe used and one oiler I can fix the other one is broken and not usable.. Anyone have a used oiler I could buy.?
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    Myford lathe

    There is a Myford lathe for sale close where I live it a 7"x 22" with tooling, but he is asking about $1300.00 for it are Myfords worth that much.? I am in the Western USA..
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    Information about the Emco Maximat V10 lathe

    A Emco Maximat V10 lathe came up for sale about 60 miles from me, it looks like a nice European type lathe with a milling head. My question would be do any of the members here on the HMEM forum have or use a Emco Maximat V10 lathe and how do you like them. The last thing I need is one more...
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    WTS Model Steam Engine lubricators and oil cups,cocks

    I have some model steam engine parts I will not need asking $125.00 for all or offer. See photos. This is good stuff from Stuart Turners, New old stock lubricators, oil cups and cocks.
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    9 inch South Bend lathe for sale on the SBL forum

    Small South Bend lathe for sale on the SBL forum, price is high now but it sounds like he wants to move it or will part it out. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/south-bend-lathes/fs-southbend-9c-334204/