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    video compression software ??

    ok guys i need help :-\ i am trying to post a video of my little shop and a short 4 to 6 minute video is huge............ about 130 megs. well to me thats huge. what i would like to know is there software to compress or shrink the file size so it is more user friendly?? thanks a bunch for any...
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    a light right were you need it

    i cobbled this up a few days ago and thought you might like to see it, not much to see but it might be useful to some one. it started out life as one of those lights that has straps and you wear it on you head. i cut the straps off and glued it to a scrap of aluminum that was fitted to an old...
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    well it has been a long time since i last worked on this engine, i hope to see this project through to the end this time (but one never knows) first i have to admit that i messed up the original cylinder castings (all 3) i didn't have a rotary table to index all the bolt holes. these bolt holes...
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    viton o rings

    hello guys :) i am thinking about using viton o rings in my next gas engine model. up to now i use cast iron rings or no rings at all, but i would like to try the viton rings. my way of thinking is if i cut the grooves too deep the rings will not seal and if i cut them too shallow there will...
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    The Biggest Operating Rotative Beam Steam Engine at Crossness

    thought this might interest some of you guys :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlp1aG1VJRI&feature=youtu.be chuck
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    my new to me vise

    i had a "k" type vise given to me so i thought i would see how good it was by putting it to use. well when i put a block of steel in it the block would lift about 10 to 12 tho. so i adjusted the movable jaw but it made no difference. on further inspection i noticed that the jaw did not lift but...
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    some new tools

    well i have spent the last week or so building some much needed tooling for my shop. the first is a bunch of die holders for the lathe and a close up pic tonight i just about finished my tapping stand, just have to polish it up abit and it will be done now i posted this last picture to show...
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    dumb,stupid or stuborn ?????

    well i bought an sx3 mill about a year or so ago and every one i spoke to about this mill said they were a great little mill. they also told me to take it apart and clean it, well i never did take it apart until today. all the guys i asked told me that when you take it apart you will find loose...
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    what a day

    well after 16 years of repairing rivet setting machines i just had to drive a 1/8" dia x 3/4" long semi-tubular rivet right through the very center of my left thumb nail..................but wait there is more,this machine sets 4 rivet at once and you guessed it, it placed one in my right thumb...
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    nice little engine project

    thought you guys might like to see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZevjeZDSb8&feature=related chuck
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    an old engine comes to life

    well my dad took on this project last month, it is an old gas engine made in galt ontario. it is called "the goldie & Mc culloch co. ltd." i don't have a before pic but what i can tell you is if it shows up as brass in the next few pictures he made it ! the first pic the copper tank is for the...
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    new month

    hey guys it's a new month so i think we should have a vote for the project of the month :) i nominate mike n for his 1/6th scale John Deere baler. what do you guys think? chuck
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    show plaques

    i was looking through some stuff today and found all the metal plaques that i have got for showing engines at steam shows. i have about 50 or more of them but he nicest ones that i have are from a small fall fair up here in coldwater ontario. the coldwater ones hang on the wall in the...
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    now heres a guy that builds models

    if you haven't seen or heard of reg ingold, i invite you look at his website http://www.oldengine.org/members/randmingold/ i don't know him personally but i have emailed him for some help on an engine or two i hope you enjoy this website as much as i did and if you need help with anything you...
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    diffrent beam engine

    some where on hear a while ago someone was talking about a different parallel link idea for a beam engine, well i have 2 pictures of a different set of links. i hope this helps chuck
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    this is a neat site

    i found this link on another website that i frequent and thought it might be of some interest. http://www.smallcarplans.com/ chuck
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    how long did this take to happen????

    i found these pictures and thought you guys might like to see them :o it makes for an unusual display but neat display 8) chuck
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    paying jobs in the shop

    the last few days i have been doing a cash job in my little shop. it has involved repairing an ignitor for and old fairbanks morse gas engine and making a duplicate ignitor for another engine of the same make and size. the first pic shows the old ignitor on the right and the new one on the...
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    can't fathom what this would be like

    i went to a toronto society of model engineers meeting lastnight , it is held at the aerospace museum at the old downsview airforce base. in the museum they have all sorts of exhibits one of which is a full size model of an avro arrow jet airplane, it is a non flying model. another plane they...
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    nice little engine

    here is a picture of a very nice little steam engine called a durham. when this engine was purchased it was in very bad shape but after allot of work it now runs as good as it looks. this engine belongs to a good friend of mine and on nice summer days i get to play with it ;D chuck