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  1. jimsshop1

    What's it worth?

    I picked up this Palmgren 8" rotary table at a flea market last year. It has X and Y adjustment and a tilt function. It is in excellent condition except for 2 - 1/8" holes in the surface of the table. It looks to be used very little and all functions are smooth and without any play if that's the...
  2. jimsshop1

    1/2 Scale Nanzy

    Hello All, I was at the Cool Springs Museum Exhibit last month and picked up a Casting Kit of a 1/2 Scale Nanzy model engine. I have never built a model from castings and since the gentleman selling this had one completed and running, it looked like something I could accomplish. However after...
  3. jimsshop1

    Best ignition System for Single Cyl. IC engines.

    In the past I have used points, condenser and coils from automobile applications and although they work well the coils are large and difficult to hide along with the atv battery in a wood box the engine sits on. I know there are cdi's, I think that's what they are called, out there but what are...
  4. jimsshop1

    Need help please with Silver Soldering steel

    I am trying to silver solder a 1"x 1"x 1/8" thick square piece of crs to another piece of steel I think is 4140. It also is 1/8" thick but a tube. I have the same radius on the small piece to fit the curve of the tube. I am using Harris silver bearing Stay Brite solder and flux which has a melt...
  5. jimsshop1

    Sand Mold Casting Problems

    I am building the Atkinson Differential Engine with my own aluminum castings. This is my first time at casting and so far have all the parts cast except the flywheel. The castings are not the best I've seen but they are usable. My problem is with the 6 spoke flywheel. I have cast it 3 times but...
  6. jimsshop1

    The Atkinson Differential Debacle, maybe

    Hi All, So after building three different, (successful by the way) IC engines, I got interested in Mr. Gingery's odd but fascinating differential machine. After doing a lot of reading about casting aluminum and ordering a book about that, I decided to also order Mr. Gingery's book on How to...
  7. jimsshop1

    Upshur Vertical

    Hello all from Snowy Pa, Does anyone have plans for the Upshure Vertical engine to share? I have built a couple horizontal IC's and would like to build a larger scale of the Upshure just for fun. Thanks Jim
  8. jimsshop1

    Kerzel is finally running

    Hi all, I started the Kerzel almost 2 years ago. After machining all the parts and assembling it all, I tried for months to get it running. It would fire with a drill running it but as soon as the drill was removed it would stall. I even wore out one of the crank bushings from trying...
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