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    Reversing Switch Wiring 3Phase Motor

    I have a small VFD controlled 3 phase 1/4 HP motor running my lathe. I purchased a YMW26-25/4 switch from Banggood that I would like to use to provide the capability to reverse the motor. I would like to install it between the VFD and the motor. There was no wiring diagram included with the...
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    Drafting linen

    Back in my young days as a civil engineer, I often worked with plan sheets drafted with ink on linen (starched). That was over 50 years ago before mylar took over. The linen had a glossy side and a matte finish side. I cannot for the life of me remember which side was used for the drawing...
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    1/6 scale Galloway Ignitor

    I have just finished???? a 1/6 scale Galloway hit and miss. Am trying to get it to run, but no luck so far. I suspect the problem is with the ignitor. It is a bit small and fiddly. My question is: What should the gap be in the ignitor points. I am guessing .020", or .030", but am only...
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    1/6 Scale Galloway Timing

    I need to know the relationship between the cam and the crank shaft. I purchased this kit from minicastings and the plans they sent (10 pages) do not have any information on how to time the engine. I have googled and have the specs on the opening and closing of the exhaust valve but could find...
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    Lil Brother/Meissner Spark intensifier

    Hi, I am mostly a lurker, but I recently finished (sans paint) Lil Brother by Paul Breisch. As I suspect, I had the same problems that most builders experience in getting a "hit & miss" engine to run. Starting with a few "pops" to a 5 second run and gradually longer runs. I thought I had all the...
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