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  1. rcfreak177

    Duke engines

    This is very cool, I have never seen this type of engine. Enjoy,
  2. rcfreak177

    6AL-4V Titanium

    Oh OOOOH! I have never attempted to machine titanium before. Just had a go at it and I THINK I LIKE IT! Machines beautiful. Nice finish too. Time to put a massive order in, the stuff is not readily available here in Australia. (We are 20 years behind the times compared to our friends in the...
  3. rcfreak177

    Happy Australia day

    Happy Australia day too all my Aussie mates. definatley the most important day on the calendar in my eyes. This is what is going on at my place over in the west Enjoy and stay safe. Thm:Thm: Baz.
  4. rcfreak177

    Great book for the model engine machinist

    Here is a book that I came across some time ago. I would recommend this publication to anybody that has from the basic to most advanced machining skills as a reference to get different ideas on the designing,operation and technique required to build many types of IC engines. I consider myself...
  5. rcfreak177

    Right place at the right time

    G'day, Today I went down to the local electrical supplier to get some wire for my CNC mill, I managed to pick up the wire, was telling the salesman what I was doing with it. I got a response with a smile "follow me" We went out the back, I was told that one of the major mining companies...
  6. rcfreak177

    Great support from Little Machine Shop

    G'day, I thought that I would post a message here in regards to the positive support that Little Machine Shop offers. Here is the story (in short) Approx 12 months ago I purchased a cnc spindle control board from LMS for my SX3. I had the part shipped to Australia. Yesterday I fitted the...
  7. rcfreak177

    Budget tool and cutter grinder

    Hi I found this recently, I might place here an order I think. there are many uses I can come up with to justify to my wife as to why I need one. ;D Cheers, Baz.
  8. rcfreak177

    Westbury Seal casting kit for sale

    Hi, I found this engine casting kit for the Westbury Seal engine and also the documents to carry out the build for sale on Perth Gumtree. The item is located in Perth Western Australia if anybody is interested. $250.00 sounds like a good deal to me, mind you I am no expert on the...
  9. rcfreak177

    CNC SX3 Auto tool turret

    G'day, Here is a glimpse of the 10 position ATC I have been working on. This is for my cnc'd Super X3 mill. I have had this well under wraps for quite some time now but it got the better of me today and just have to show this thing. There is still a bit of work to do, Should be all sorted in...
  10. rcfreak177

    Another Aussie Shed

    Here is some pictures of my new man cave, The whole 54 square meters of it. 6 meter wide, 9 meter long with 3 meter wall height. Here is where it will go. this little fella is my gun skid-steer operator. (you think I'm joking don't you) The frame. before the apron went down. Here...
  11. rcfreak177

    Emcoturn 120P

    "YAAAAAAY I found and purchased an Emco cnc lathe. I managed to find this unit on Ebay, I do not know if it works or not yet and still have to arrange freight to get it from the USA to Perth Australia. If the unit is not working I will either repair it or convert it to function on the Mach 3...
  12. rcfreak177

    Wanted, Southbend Magnaturn 612

    Hi, I Am chasing after a little South bend Magnaturn 612 cnc lathe. Working or not is ok as I plan on retrofitting it if I can track one down. I recently missed out on one to a higher bidder on fee bay. If anybody out there knows of the whereabouts of one please PM me. Regards Barry.
  13. rcfreak177

    Bobcadcam V24

    Hi, I recently took the plunge and purchased Bobcad V24, The bundle came with Mill Pro, Lathe, predator Editor stage 2 and also virtual cnc stage 2, and 2 licences all for under $1000 $us. I had to stall bobcad for some time before they would meet the price that I was willing to pay. So far I...
  14. rcfreak177

    DeskProto 3D cam

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody out there is using DeskProto to generate tool paths. I have just download the trial an it looks good. I am after some pro's and con's while using this program with Alibre Design Personal Edition and also Mach3. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  15. rcfreak177

    Attempted attack on my computer

    HI, for some reason every time I log on to HMEM I get a message from my computer flag up which says "A recent attack atempt was blocked" from my antivirus software. The security risk is named Seasploit Malicious Exploit Kit Request The URL is (,80) I would assume...
  16. rcfreak177

    lathe toolpost grinder

    Hi, just wondering if anybody out there has made a tool post grinder for grinding crankshafts on a lathe, Probably a silly question because I know for sure it has been done before. I have checked out the web and seen a few types, I have also thought of modifying a 5" angle grinder and...
  17. rcfreak177

    scale paddle steamers

    Hi, just wondering if anybody has taken up the challenge of reproducing a scale model paddle steam boat. I have always had a fascination for these type of river boat and would like to learn more. Barry.
  18. rcfreak177

    G'day From Perth Western Australia

    Hi, My name is Barry, I live in Perth Western Australia. I have been a member of this forum for 3 months and am sure that I introduced myself then but can't seem to find my original post. I did not want so seem rude after reading the rules so I thought I would do a re-introduction and play it...
  19. rcfreak177

    1/4 scale blown v8 build

    Here are some pictures of the mini v8 I am building. I am having real progress on the at the moment, today I finished the combustion chambers and the valve porting. I am machining the heads in 3 major steps, milled from 75mm dia billet in my 4" cnc rotary table to +1.5mm all round, then mill to...
  20. rcfreak177

    Hafco hm50g lathe and super x3, 4 axis mill converted to cnc

    G'day All. I thought that I might show off my mini lathe and mill which I have converted to cnc. It has been a long winded project(12 months) but I am nearly there. Both machines are running ball screws all round. The lathe proved to be a real challenge because I wanted the x axis screw to be...
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