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    .098 V twin using 2 Cox .049 Cylinder assemblies.

    Well, it's an excellent plan. I have 12 Cox cylinders + pistons + glow plugs, but no 17/32" - 40 taps or dies. I have a 1/2" - 40 tap - close, but no go. I tried twisting (with a big enough wrench) the threads into ali, brass and steel. Ali and brass mangled the thread, and steel mangled the...
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    .098 V twin using 2 Cox .049 Cylinder assemblies.

    There's also ,especially the HEX-2, HEX-4 and Cox V-4. Drawings are included (free!), and there's also HEX-2 plans, published in Model Engine Builder Issue #9, HEX-4 plans were published in Model Engine Builder Issue #14. There are also Italian designs, 3- and 5-cyl...
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    Servomet spark erosion machine schematic

    If it's 50 years old, try first electrolytic capacitors, i.e. change (for a new - really new, not some old stock) everything you can find. Change also the diodes for a newer and more "robust" types.
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    IOE (?) engine

    That sure is a nice machine! Their PS: the valve system looks very simple and interesting (IOE ?) a nice project for the machinists! Yes, Sir, if ever you would make drawings, I would be interested.
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    New secondhand lathe

    A serious lathe. Very nice!
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    KNIFE BLADES....Hand-Filing of Bevels

    You might be interesting to see Most everything you could imagine to want/need for making knifes. I've done quite a many :-) Of course there's really many more knife makers, American, English, German are also good.
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    "ARMETALE" for Castings?

    Nambé (/nɑːmˈbeɪ/[1]) is an eight-metal alloy whose major component is aluminum. It was developed in 1953 by Martin Eden, a former metallurgist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The alloy is exclusively produced by the Nambé Mills, Inc., which was founded in 1951 near...
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    X2 Mini Mill Power Feed

    Hi Gus, I think 180 Rpm is a bit too fast. My feed screws (X and Y) are M14 x 2, meaning one turn is 2 mm (fwd or rev). 180 Rpm is 3 turns/sec., it really zooms at that speed. It's rather difficult to wind slowly, 1/3 - 1/2 speed it's rather weak of a torque, and if you're not very careful, it...
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    what is Hall effect?

    I think a reed switch works ok, unless the frequency is rather slow. 5 sparks/sec is only 300 rpm. There's no way to run a F1 motor at <10000 rpm with a reed. At 50 sparks/sec, that's 3000 rpm - no way. But you could try :-)
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    Graphite bar

    You might try also It's in Germany, but English spoken, and quite fast delivery, sometimes faster than UK. P.S. There are many more interesting hard-to-find items...
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    Cutting lubrication

    Lard in Portuguese is "Banha de porco". Several varieties, some are almost odorless, some are definitely smelling bacon. I heard McDonalds contains some 6-7% lard, the rest is vegetable oil, and the French fries seem tastier with some lard.
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    Grinding HSS tools

    CUTTERMASTER Tool and Cutter Grinder Accessories To purchase, call us at (800) 417-2171 or (613) 523 7753 CM-01 CUTTERMASTER Tool & Cutter Grinder complete with air bearing fixture, work area lighting, 5&#8243; cup aluminum oxide wheel & air filter $3,475.00 *Supplies limited Good grief...
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    Junker's diesel engine(1915)

    The opposed-piston diesels were quite powerful, like Jumo and Deltic. The really big engines were marine, the Doxford shipyards. It began at abt. First World War, and the last vessel and engine was built in 1980. 76cm cylinder bores... :eek:
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    Grinding HSS tools

    Hi Gus, the Tormek sharpener is top quality, Swedish and pricey, but there's also a German Scheppach "wet whetstoner", at
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    how to drill a square hole

    First patented by Harry Watts in 1914. Still sold by the Watts Brothers Tool Works in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania. You might see the They have (at least had...) a polygon hole drills, the drill has one less flute than the number of sides to the polygon. The drills...
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    Cherry Hill's Models

    Cherry Hill (nee Hinds) is aged 81, and IMHO, is still working his Cowells 90 CW lathe, sometimes.
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    how many henry ford engines

    There's been quite a lot of +/- "original" Henry Ford engines, at least a few hundreds, might be far more. See Leon Ridenour 4610 Sunflower Rd Knoxville, TN 37909 865-584-9759 He asks $40 for just the plans, but will include a couple of hard to find parts for another $4 that was 6...
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    Slide Valve Use In Gas Engine

    There's by Joachim Steinke. 4.1 ccm, a 10-7" propeller runs at abt. 7500 rpm. It's in German, but there's the same project log (+/-) in English at;area=showposts;u=489 I sometimes feel that it...
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    Compressed air powered cooler?

    The and sells many different Hilsch tubes. I had one Exair's Mini Cooler, tried to cool sewing machine needles. Thick needles and thick materials, with >4000 rpm, will melt synthetic (plastic) threads, and of course it's not advisable. And the needle is quite...
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    Cam making basics

    There's also Achim Steinke's "Eine kleine, aber feine Nockenschleifmaschine", or "Small but fine cam grinding machine", at It's in German, but there's lots of pictures and drawings (paper + CAD), and Achim described some years ago...
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