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    How do I model a supercharger rotor?

    Maybe this is something I can help you with I have personally rebuilt hundreds of blowers in my time and btw Machine Tom is correct in his statements. I would think this is where a rotary table would maybe help. But if you think about it wouldn’t you be better off by casting the part first then...
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    Any call for 6" Atlas lathe 10100.....

    Bill Have you came up with a number yet I live in southeast Iowa and could pick it up if the price is right. Thank you Tom
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    pre drilling for holes

    Sorry I am new to posting on this site. It looks like to me this drill bit has been spun backwards. If you look at the pic. The burr I circled would not be facing this way also I circled the relief cut. I can assure you that this bit was spun backwards everyone of us has done it at sometime. The...
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    pre drilling for holes

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    Bending brass tubing

    Back in the day we used to cap one end of the tube then fill it with water making sure to leave enough room for expansion. Then put the tube in the deep freezer and let freeze. Then using a tubing bender or a Mandel bend the tubing how ever you need it. This works great on thin wall tubing if...
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    Machining a cylinder head

    Enfield You got me i should proof read my stuff a little better yes you are correct you are only changing the CC's of the combustion chamber Also something i did forget to mention was no matter what method is used make to sure to take the time and remove the edge from the finished Surface of head
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    Machining a cylinder head

    Othro It has been my experience that if you are just wanting to clean up the surface of the head or remove any warp ness is to use a surface grinder. The only time I would use a mill is when you are trying change the CC. of the engine in other words raise the compression by lowing the CC's of...
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    Hello and Thanks for the welcome I guess I forgot to mention what I am interested in I like all the mini IC engines. I would also love to be able to design a running 1/4 scale model of a E.M.D. 645E Diesel Engine from a locomotive. Man what a undertaking that would be
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    Hello and say a little bout myself. I have been troubleshooting and rebuilding Engines gas and diesels,Transmissions auto and manual. Professionally For just over 30 yrs now. The last 8 yrs have been on locomotive engines and the last 4 yrs of that have been in charge of our Component Rebuild...
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