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    There are red x's in all the boxs in all the boxes where someone puts a smiley face, wink, in the new box. Its in all the threads , but just on this forum. My system is an older one Office 2000. Thanks for any help. Hal
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    How do I get Rid of all the red XX"S in the little square boxes ??? Hal
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    Tom A question about the switch you added to double the reverse speed. Is the switch something like a toggle switch, thats operated manualy, or is it a switch thats automatic, once set? Hal
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    Tom Great machines. On your EE what is the second thread plate below you control dials ? Is it for metric threads ? Were you lucky enough to have a metric set of gears come with the lathe ? How do you like the Black Max motor drive? Hal
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    My Shop

    Spacious shop . Rarely do shops show floor space. :) Nice old round dial 10EE. Hal
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    Ridigity of boring bars..

    With out stepping on any one's toes, I would like to set the record straight. You CAN NOT make something stiffer by cutting flutes in it...... If you have 2 rods, of the same material and diameter, and cut flutes in one. The one with flutes WILL Flex more under the same load...... If having...
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    Pricy, but beautiful!

    Maybe the wife said he had to sell them, so he put a outrageous price on them. Hal
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    Rapid City Show

    I'm sorry about that I should have been more clear. The show is in Rapid City, South Dakota. Black Hills Model Engineering Show. Sept 18-19 I forget members live world wide. :) The Internet make talking to everyone so easy. I aslo added to my location...
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    Rapid City Show

    Is anyone plan on attending the Rapid City show this weekend ?? Hal
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    Building a bench top mill

    Evan on the Home shop machinist forum built a CNC mill. Its worth checking out. I thik its a 4 axis. Hal
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    Mill & Lathe

    Kenny You might be able to run the lathe on a VFD. I think that's how they work by changing the Hz.. Just a thought. Looks like you got a great deal.. Hal
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    Holbrook T13 lathe

    Richard Go over on the practical machinist forum and ping Brett from Portland. He has a Holbrook and is very knowable. You might also do a search on that forum also. In just the last few weeks someone posted a queston about a Holbrook and I thought someone referred them to an on line manual. Hal
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    How do you pack your models for shows?

    I try not top put heavy things inside the car with me. I have a fear of wreaking and having them hitting me in the head. Kinda like being inside the clothes dryer with a couple of bricks. If you had to stop suddenly they could fly into the front seat. Hal
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    movable vise

    If you don't have a piece of sewer pipe handy some people find a small rubber tire to keep the ball in place. Hal
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    Best twist drill brands?

    Norseman out of St Paul MN are quality bits. They also offer some of their drill bits with 3 flats on the shank for a non slip grip in the drill chuck. Hal
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    Club Outting

    I see they have a Moore Jig Bore. A nice clean shop and great looking work. Hal
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    Model Lathe Restoration - Where to Start? Contact Points?

    Mike First things first, pictures ;D Everyone likes to see lathes. With pictures people can help with make and model of the lathe and can also so tell if the lathe is complete. Hal
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    Workbench parts bumper

    Good idea. In the shop where we work on large stuff the metal work bench has a piece of angle iron welded to the front of it. Works great for most things. The first time I saw a Jeweler's/Watch repairs work bench and I saw the catch drawer I thought it was very clever. It would be an easy add...
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    Slitting Saw

    Matt Some guys have used the 4" carbide trim saw blades and had good luck. Hal
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    Old music box

    Doc I fixed an old clyinder record player main spring by simply grinding a new set of "ears" on the end of the main spring, as one of the orginal ears had broken off. You might get lucky. I do have an extra crank handle that I picked up at a garage sale, I'll look and check the thread on it...
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