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  1. CheshireAllan

    What have you been doing today?

    So today I managed to get a bit more done to the boring head I'm making, yes I know you can buy them for far less than the man hours I'm doing to make one, but its nowhere near as fun, next is to make the mating dovetail, but needs to be tight fit, as there is about 10 thou movement in the clamp lol
  2. CheshireAllan

    New UK member

    Thank you all for the kind welcome :)
  3. CheshireAllan

    New UK member

    Oh I never give up, I just have a rather long list of jobs to do, and things keep getting added and pushed to the top 🤣 but one day I will get there :)
  4. CheshireAllan

    New UK member

    I do love my Myford :) at some point I want to get a bigger workshop, as I could really do with a bigger lathe for some of the bits I get asked to do, but will still keep the Myford and might even get it put in the ground with me lol. I have started a horizontal engine a while ago, but lost...
  5. CheshireAllan

    New UK member

    Just thought I would say Hi 🙋‍♂️ I live in the middle of Cheshire in the UK, I have a small workshop in a British single garage, but I have squeezed in a Myford Super 7, Cormak MK25L mill, decent work bench with a big compressor under it, fabrication area with MIG and TIG, then the normal parts...