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  1. awake

    Compressed air safety

    Based solely on what I have read in this and other forums ... most of the time they develop pinholes that leak. But once in a while there can be a "sudden unplanned deconstruction" event.
  2. awake

    What is it?

    The pointed ones made me think of the sort of thing that is often used in painting or staining wood - something to hold the part up, without significantly affecting the paint that is already on the side facing down. But since I don't see any paint on the items shown, I'm guessing that's not it.
  3. awake

    Compressed air safety

    Ah, thanks. I guess I was hearing it the wrong way. Too much stress at the moment ... skews my perceptions. :(
  4. awake

    Compressed air safety

    Joe, can I ask for the reason for the snickering? I am asking honestly; it has really puzzled me.
  5. awake


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  6. awake

    CNC Mach 3 Parallel port replacement

    Interesting - I've not seen that sort of instability from USB, but that may reflect the particular machine / os / peripherals I use. Over the years, I have experienced some instability in ethernet connections - as with any other protocol, the quality of cabling makes a big difference. Thanks to...
  7. awake

    CNC Mach 3 Parallel port replacement

    Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding! I am pleased to learn that the real time bit flipping is being done on the controller board. But that still leaves me puzzled as to why USB is not used ... !
  8. awake

    New from Atlanta Ga

    Done! If anyone is interested in continuing to discuss various issues related to welding, I have started a new thread here: Thoughts on Welding
  9. awake

    Thoughts on Welding

    In a recent hijack of a new member introduction (New from Atlanta Ga), there seemed to be some energy / interest in discussing matters related to welding. As one of the hijackers, I thought I'd repent and start this thread to relocate that discussion. One of the matters that has been raised is...
  10. awake

    New member from Australia

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    New Member

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    New Member from US

  13. awake

    CNC Mach 3 Parallel port replacement

    Hmm ... I haven't seen as pcmcia expansion slot on a laptop here in the US in at least a decade, maybe more. Have laptops sold in other parts of the world have continued to offer that slot? <rant mode on> As someone who once made a living working with / designing embedded systems ... I find it...
  14. awake

    New from Atlanta Ga

    Agreed - I would have been interested to see the effect only of cleaning the scale, without any other changes, and then compare to cleaning the scale + improving the technique. Also agreed on the benefits of starting with stick, but I wonder if TIG might be even more beneficial as a starting...
  15. awake

    New from Atlanta Ga

    MIG definitely is an easy-to-use process, and it can produce great results ... ... but it can also produce welds that look good which turn out not to be good. (By contrast, as I understand it, a stick or TIG weld that looks good generally is good, or to say it another way, if the weld is bad...
  16. awake

    New from Atlanta Ga

    This is going to sound odd, but ... I had more luck welding sheet metal / thin metal using 6011 than 6013. Yes, the arc force of this rod makes it easy to blow a hole in the metal if one is not careful, but the fast-freeze nature of the rod, along with the back and forth movement that this rod...
  17. awake

    New from Atlanta Ga

    Welcome to the forum!
  18. awake

    Vertical 4 cycle engine from recycled parts

    Bryan, I like the design. I look forward to seeing it in action!
  19. awake

    What have you been doing today?

    Ah, makes sense. I would love to have a 52" fence just for that reason - I have the parts to set that up but currently do not have the room. With my 26" fence, I can cut a full sheet of plywood in half lengthwise (or other dimensions less than half), but it takes careful planning, strategic...
  20. awake

    What have you been doing today?

    Oh, I may have misunderstood. Joe, were you asking about plans for the miter gauge or for the panel cutter? (or for that matter, for the featherboard?) Meanwhile, that New Yankee Workshop video was a blast from the past - I used to watch Norm every week, and learned a lot from him. That said...