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  1. marvin hedberg

    For Sale Frisco Standard Auction

    pics of a boat with a Frisco engine from the net
  2. marvin hedberg

    For Sale Morrison and Marvin mini Wilton Vice kit

    "Those are some really fine-grained gray iron castings. I wonder if they are ductile iron? Sort of a lost-wax process look to them, since the detail is so fine and clear." yes, the vise castings are lost wax,
  3. marvin hedberg

    1/3rd Scale Case Hay Press

    that's the plan :)
  4. marvin hedberg

    1/3rd Scale Case Hay Press

    full size Kansas City Lightning engine and hay press
  5. marvin hedberg

    RCEXL 2 ignition

    Nils connected his Rcxel to towers inside a box and has small leads going to the engine, first separately, and then in a 4 lead thru the distributer.
  6. marvin hedberg

    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    "are you the Marvin in Morrison and Marvin Engine Works?" .that's me :)
  7. marvin hedberg

    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    here's mine with bronze and a steel machine vises
  8. marvin hedberg

    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    1” Jaws Wilton Copy Miniature Baby Bullet Vise By DeVerna, Morrison & Marvin NOS just sold for Winning bid: US $1,522.77 i made the lost wax molds for this bench vise and the model Kurt machine vise :)
  9. marvin hedberg

    Mery Explosive Engine
  10. marvin hedberg

    3/8-24 spark plug?

    another supplier of Rimfire plugs is World Famous Rimfire Spark Plugs Distributed by Roland Morrison
  11. marvin hedberg

    1/8 scale rider-ericsson

    i have built 1/10th(.800), 1", 2" and 3" Ericsson models, the 3 larger from Meyers kits. the key for all hot air models is close fits with no friction. i hone and polish the bore and then fit the pistons with .0005 clearance and no rings. i used a Farmall A tractor wet sleeve for the 3"...
  12. marvin hedberg

    It's a BAAAADDDDD thing...
  13. marvin hedberg

    It's a BAAAADDDDD thing...

    " I hope this boiler design worked, and that Winslow made a butt-load of money off it - because I think it's genius." Don Don, do you have the links to Winslow's boiler? thanks, Marv
  14. marvin hedberg

    It's a BAAAADDDDD thing...

    per your pic, the Phoenix tracks with the flat sprockets thru the grousers give resistance to side sliding. dozer tracks with the sprockets in the rails(chain) with the grousers bolted on will "skate" sideways down a frozen hill when traversing. i'm waiting to see your model, it will be neat...
  15. marvin hedberg

    It's a BAAAADDDDD thing...

    1/2 and 1/6th with the full size Wabeno Phoenix in the background.
  16. marvin hedberg

    Case hardening steel

    "The only thing that could go wrong now is if the Packers lose to the 49ers to-night.(NFL football for those outside North America) NO WAY" bummer # 3= 49ers- 13 Packers- 10
  17. marvin hedberg

    Jeroen Jonkman's Sterling 60

    aluminum cigar covers can be drawn to a smaller diameter by pushing them thru a sizing ring with a wood push stick with a rounded end. i did that to build a 1/10th size Erickson engine with a .800" bore. (back when i still had a dark beard :-)
  18. marvin hedberg

    WMSTR in 2021

    1/2 size- I measured an original engine, made the patterns and built the engine. the 1/4 was built by Jon Gingrich by measuring the original engine at Coolspring. the 1/10th engine was built by Armin Devries in Germany Wayne Grenning built the 1/14 Otto-Langden in 1991.
  19. marvin hedberg

    WMSTR in 2021

    my models at Rollag 2021 1/2 size 2 hp Deutz-Otto slide valve flame ignition, runs on hydrogen 1/4 size of a 2 hp Schliecher-Shumm Otto slide valve, runs on acetylene 1/10 size of a 8 hp Deutz, runs on butane-propane camp fuel 1/14 th Otto-Langden