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  1. Scott_M

    CNC options?

    Hi Jason For me it is a mix of writing code, using wizards and CAM. It all depends on what I am doing. If it is a fairly simple repair job that I have no need to do a 3D model for then it will be hand written or wizards. If it is a larger project with many parts I usually model everything and...
  2. Scott_M

    CNC options?

    ( Lathe/Mill Humor ) A friend of mine has been running a CNC mill in a production shop for decades. He has a nice home shop with a couple big cnc mills and a lathe. I saw him doing a job on the mill that I would have done on the lathe so I asked him " why don't you do that job on the lathe ?"...
  3. Scott_M

    CNC options?

    I guess I am an outlier as well. I had a smaller Grizzly knee mill for close to 30 years, a Taiwanese one. It was a very good machine and I did a lot of good work on it. When I decided to get into CNC ( 2007 ) I bought a Tormach 1100 one of the earlier machines, right after they enlarged the...
  4. Scott_M

    Ohrndorf 5 Cylinder Radial

    :) That sounds like a fine idea !!! Thank yo sir :) Scott
  5. Scott_M

    Ohrndorf 5 Cylinder Radial

    Hi Peter It is really taking shape, and looks absolutely beautiful !! Your attention to detail is very inspiring. I am very impressed :) I have been following along and always look forward to new posts. Thank you so much for sharing all of your set ups and tooling choices and for your very...
  6. Scott_M

    Battery Jacks

    XT 60 is also available in Panel Mount versions. A quick search turned this up on Amazon XT60 Panel mount Scott
  7. Scott_M

    Filling a blow hole in aluminium casting - Help!

    Hi Mike The problem that you will run into with any kind of fill, be it welding or some other kind of fill is that it will be a different hardness which will sand blast a visibly different shade or color. Something very soft may even get dirty from the blasting and any weld will most likely be a...
  8. Scott_M

    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    Hi Lloyd Just for fun I looked on Amazon for your spindle bearings "The Results" Show many options. Some Timken's for $24 Some SKF's for $35 and many others. I looked at the Timken and it did not specify an ABEC rating, they all have a letter suffix that I did not look up. like 32009X or J or...
  9. Scott_M

    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    You mentioned earlier that the motor was also noisy. Can you tell if the motor is a contributing factor? Maybe it deserves a set of bearings too ? Scott
  10. Scott_M

    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    Hi Lloyd Not upset here :) Very nice ! 2800 psi 😀 I was pretty thrilled when I bumped my Gauntlet up to 1350psi :) And thanks for your input on the PCP's, I did end up getting a compressor and an SCBA tank. OK Back to the lathe, when I rebuilt the spindle on my 12x36 the bearing on the back...
  11. Scott_M

    Model Diesel: 32mm bore, 38mm stroke, indirect injection

    Hi Nerd Bummer. Has the drill broken through? Is it broken off below the bottom of the ring groove? The reason I am asking is maybe you can leave it in there and trap it. If it has not broken through all the way you won't have to worry about that side, If the drill is proud of the hole maybe...
  12. Scott_M

    Carbide insert Torx screw

    Hi Gordon Been there done that! Fortunately for me I live near a large city that has a lot of industry and has several tool and die supply stores. When that happens I take my insert tool with me to the store and we figure out what it needs and I buy several. Try and google " Machinist tools and...
  13. Scott_M

    Sand Casting Design Rules

    Thanks Pat ! that explains it very well. I think what threw me was your statement in post number 2 " I never use bottom gating" Which I took as gates at the bottom of the mold and not at the bottom of the runner. Again, thanks for the great explanation ! The confusion has cleared :) Scott
  14. Scott_M

    Sand Casting Design Rules

    Hi Pat I have never done any casting but find it very interesting and read most of the home foundry posts. In your post above you have used a few terms that confuse me and if you do not mind clearing my confusion it would be appreciated. :) Many times I hear the terms gates and runners used...
  15. Scott_M

    Monotube Flash Boiler Design

    Hi Toymaker I have been thinking about your large volume upcoming hydrotest. And not wanting to pollute your boiler with hyd. oil or loose it all together. If your hydraulic pump came with with a hyd. cylinder you could use its ram to "compress" a vessel with the test water in it. Possibly make...
  16. Scott_M

    New member

    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum from another "senior" Ohioan. Scott
  17. Scott_M

    For Kitty Lovers

    Maybe it is time to knurl the valve guides. :) It might just be some blow by. Scott The things we do for our critters !
  18. Scott_M

    For Kitty Lovers

    Carbon deposits? :) Scott
  19. Scott_M

    Arduino Rotary Table

    I am not sure which code you are running on the arduino, but some of the various code that is out there has rounding errors. This table that you linked to has an odd 36:1 ratio. Most rotary tables have 90:1 or 40:1. Before you buy I would check your code and see how it will handle that ratio. It...
  20. Scott_M

    Bench grinder chamfer

    Celsoari I was going to ask about adjustability for chamfer size and then saw the adjustment slots. If you only have 1 piece to do with the smaller chamfer, it may be easier to tape a shim to 2 sides of the work to space it away from the wheel rather than readjusting the work table. Just a...