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    Tentative first Four stroke

    Mike thanks for posting the chart. Could you also post the file. Tom
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    Eccentric piston valve steam engine

    He mean this one. Tom
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    New member from Western Australia

    Welcome to the group, hope we can help you Tom
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    Eccentric piston valve steam engine

    Did you adjust the rod length per page 3 and step 5? There is a video that show how to put this together it is at the 14.36 min mark in the video that is better I think. I also think they should have made a way to adjust the length of the valve rod. With the piston all the way forward the screw...
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    Eccentric piston valve steam engine

    Do you have a link to drawing or photos of this engine. If this engine is what I think it is then I made one that is one cylinder. Is your Crank 90 deg or 180 between cylinder? Tom
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    Inspired build of the Benz 1886 Engine

    If you would like to contact Iqbal, his e-mail address is [email protected].
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    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    See post # 14 for a good copy of page 3 of Elmer #6
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    Tim seymour

    The prop looks small for that engine. What size is the prop and the engine
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    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    I know this is a old post But finally started this engine Elmer #6. I am making it 2 times larger and going to make two cylinders. We will see how this come out. Have started on the Cylinders 3/4" bore. Tom
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    For Sale Frisco Standard Auction

    Pat Where is MidSouth Can't find that on the map Tom
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    Valve timing

    What does your crank look like? Have you tried to run it on one cylinder with the other plug removed.
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    Struggle with 1/8” dies

    Shopgeezer, if you think that the engines are too small. Just do as I have done make it 2 times as big. If you have a part that is 1/4 inch make it 1/2 inch. Don't get mad at me for the bold type I could not change it.
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    Holding down straps

    I ordered my from Grizzly 58 PC. CLAMPING KIT FOR 7/16" T-SLOTS (T26485)$89.95
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    2023 Florida Flywheelers Swap Meet soon

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    Stepper motor Alternator

    Toymaker You have this wrong. (As a bonus, since the bulb had begun to glow, you know that the resistance had dropped below 45 ohms, meaning your steam powered stepper is actually making more than 108.5 watts.) As the bulb heats up the resistance go up.
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    Would appreciate some advise

    Dave This is what I did.
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    Moral- On my shop wall for years

    There is never enough time to do it right, but there is enough time to do it over. That is how we worked. Tom
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    Wishing all Happy Thanksgiving

    Angie Happy Thanksgiving to you. Tom
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    Hello From Behind The Redwood Curtain

    Tug40 "Let’s be careful out there, we don't need no stinking broken hips. " I been there done that no fun at all. Ya'll are a bunch of youngster I am 77.
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    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    Nelson 06 Slider Take a look at Page 3 or page 26 on the drawing you posted about the right 1 1/2 or 2 inch is unreadable. Tom