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  1. Jojo

    A New Home for my Benz Engine

    You should be very proud of this model. beautiful work!
  2. Jojo

    Stuart 5a stationay build

    Beautiful work. I think silver soldering the crank parts was a wise decision. I’m looking forward to seeing how you make the counterbalance(s).
  3. Jojo

    hot black oxidation

    That's the best homemade blackening job I've seen to date.
  4. Jojo

    Thompson Engine

    I like your design and insulator shape. Well done!
  5. Jojo

    My closed crankcase Hoglet - video updated

    Nice Job! I've been working on my Hoglet on and off for 5 years. You might have just provided the impetus to finish mine!!
  6. Jojo

    Springs and things

    Thanks for writing a great article on this subject. I’ve made a couple of spring winders and several springs but never heat treated them. now I will…..
  7. Jojo

    Interesting--A starter for full size hit and miss engines

    Brian, Thank you for sharing. Very clever and saves our mature bodies....
  8. Jojo

    V-TWIN---MAYBE V-4

    Congratulations Brian! I admire your ability to design and create so many engines. I finish my engines at the rate of one every 3 years or so!
  9. Jojo


    Regret the Holt castings and drawings were sold quite a long time ago.
  10. Jojo

    First 4 Stroke First V twin.

    Truly a beautiful engine. looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  11. Jojo

    Root&Vandervoort with Magneto

    I don’t recall ever seeing any model hit and miss engine being to idle down so slow. fantastic work!
  12. Jojo

    Kiwi Mk II

    Very nice work!
  13. Jojo

    How I made my piston rings. No heat

    Paulc, Mr. Paul Breisch included a drawing with his casting kits of exactly the method you are describing. I haven’t tried it as of yet but I plan to on my next project. by the way, your work on the radial is truly beautiful
  14. Jojo

    Hoglet ignition

    Thanks to everyone who were kind enough to reply and send their opinions on two cylinder ignition .Now I can make an informed decision. I’ll send pics of the Hoglet when completed.
  15. Jojo

    Hoglet ignition

  16. Jojo

    Hoglet ignition

    Gentlemen, I am currently building a Hoglet engine.I’ve built plenty of single engines but never a twin. I plan on using the Howell Tim- ignition kit that I’ve had great success with previously . My question is do I need 2 coils and their drivers or will one suffice? i would appreciate your...
  17. Jojo


    Thank you for your interest. the kit was sold overnight.
  18. Jojo

    V8 Demon from Downunder

    Flawless execution. To say you provide inspiration is an understatement! Going out to my shop right now and make some chips. thank you for sharing.
  19. Jojo


    I have an original set of Cole's castings for Holt engine appears complete but less drawings. $725.00 post paid within USA. email me for pictures. Mike [email protected]