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    Changing Lathe

    Hi Dave We see some SB lathes here in UK, but more Boxford clones. An 'A' (with gearbox) goes for £500-£750 here at the moment, and AUD ('underdrive', motor beneath in cabinet) for maybe £1k for a clean one, maybe a little more on a good day, maybe a little less. SB versions go for a bit less...
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    Surface plate maintenance/ care

    Gosh, there are some serious people on here :-) My (cast iron) plate came out of a pile of scrap,and was very rusty. I got it flat-ish with two other questionable plates belonging to others (because I read you had to rub them in threes) using valve paste, and now it has to live under a...
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    Wanted Sheldon 11" Lathe metric change gears parts

    In case it is useful - I use an 80-63 pair on my Boxford (like a SB9") which I made. There's a thread here (which takes a while to get going!) on making the 63t gear...
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    What kind of diesel engine will be next ?

    Sure, although this is complicated by my failure to own a smart phone. I'll see what I can do regarding borrowing one, and get back to you. If you like the engine in your OP with the crosshead, perhaps Mirrlees no1 would suit you best, or maybe a model of the one which runs would be more...
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    What kind of diesel engine will be next ?

    Interesting to see! This is very similar to our Mirrlees engine at the Anson museum, right down to double-acting barring gear, compressor on the end of the crank to work the air-blast injection gear etc etc. (Although - our single is on a later conversion to 'solid injection'. If we ever get...
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    Hello from Norway

    In a similar situation I find it easiest to do most of the work free-hand with a skinny disk in an angle grinder - especially where you find a really knackered one, and have to cut 10mm off and start again with all the back relief etc. Then your sharpening fixture is only needed for the...
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    Recently, at the Anson Engine Museum...

    Hi folks For those in the UK (or those thinking of visiting the UK!) I thought it would be nice to bang the drum for our Museum - the Anson, at the back on Poynton to the SW of Stockport which itself lies just SW of Manchester. We are on an old (closed 1930s) colliery site, very near Hazel...
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    Drill press motor swap

    To the OP - that seems like remarkable value for money. I have come by a couple of treadmill motors (one free, one nearly so) but finding a DC controller which can work at high voltage (in my case 110 and 180v respectively) and high current, can get expensive. I happen to have an old 8A variac...
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    Valve seat material for B&S lawn mower engine

    Make them out of whatever bit of pipe you have which is nearest to the size you need? :) (Well, unless it's nylon pipe, I guess). I'm not taking the mickey; that's what I would do, it's not going into space and from the sounds of it something else will wear out pretty soon anyway! Or - pull...
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    New 3-jaw chuck

    I ummed and ahhed before putting an 8" (!) 3-jaw chuck on my Boxford (SB 9" copy for US readers). It's too large, and too heavy - but it has a wacking great hole in the middle which makes holding and centering larger stock very easy. I don't run it very fast, and I have to watch that the jaw...
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    Casting brass.

    Goodness. That's something I can follow because you were bothered to work it out...and put hours of work into the video...but I don't think I would have had the patience! Well done, really lovely teaching presentation. I think I'm rather glad that youtube was not a thing when I was teaching...
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    Casting brass.

    If you are sure you are going to machine the missing teeth, you might find this useful. It's an effort to make the rack-form (not helical) hob, but it works - I have done it for Boxford change gears. I hardened mine with Kasenit in a small pot left in the woodstove for the evening...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Flipping Heck, that sounds cold. I live in the middle of a city in Northern England - the warm concrete means we rarely get a freeze, but when we do we find out how ill-prepared we are. Seen a few blue tits about this morning, 45F (in your money :) ) outside, neighbours snowdrops coming out -...
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    Bought a new shop stool today---

    I don't often go to too much trouble about that. If I did, the non-plane nature of most of the floors around here would start to irritate me :)
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    How to tune a foundry oil burner

    That's how the two I have made, work. The oil is gravity fed into a narrow-bore copper radiator pipe which eventually runs down the middle-ish of a 2" bit of stainless pipe through which I blow air - this is my 'burner'. Both pipes stop at the end, entering tangential-ish to the inside of the...
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    Drilling Very Small Holes

    I really like that way of limiting the feed, with a counterbalance. I wouldn't have thought of that. And making something useful out of plastic crap is very satisfying! Edit to add: this makes me remember something in a cabinet of odds and ends relating to Gardner engines at our museum...
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    Drilling Very Small Holes

    I use a pin chuck. Eclipse ones over here, but much the same as Starrett I suppose. Perhaps you have been unlucky, or perhaps I am not very choosy. Some have knurled shanks - perhaps it would help to polish that off, but I never have.
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    Taking it up a step---

    We had to make one of those spanners to get that big nut tightened up adequately - and the conrod forging which stars in one of the videos above like something employed by a medieval army to knock down a castle, was a great help in getting the wedges / cotters in at the rim. We made some...
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    Taking it up a step---

    That's one of 8 nuts (well, we had seven - doh! - we are bound to find #8 one day now we don't need it) which helps hold the two-part flywheel together at the hub for the big Crossley whose crank is going in, in the pictures above. It's got to be right, as the rotational inertia will be...
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    Taking it up a step---

    Found a couple more. Getting a cylinder liner out of a spare pedestal, to replace the one in our single which was shattered ...and putting a large-ish crank in, in the snow. There's now a building erected over this bit, which is where I'm off to now! I hope that's whetted folks'...