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    ozzie46s H9

    Thank you. The plans state on them that the engine is not intended to mounted on a model airplane. That being said it probably could be, but I would never put something in the air that I spent almost 2 years building. I flew RC so I know what happens to things that go up, they must come down...
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    Another Hoglet

    Great Job ,sounds good. Ron
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    Those are great. Ron
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    ozzie46s H9

    Thanks Steve , it keeps running better each time I run it. You should see my "wall of shame" of "practice parts". It's quite extensive Ron
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    ozzie46s H9

    Started Feb2022, 1st startup 9/16/23. 1st good runs 9/18/23. All manual machining although I do have DROs on my bench mill. Wish to thank Steve Hucks for an assist on crank and Terry Mayhugh for some info. Ron Osborn,aka ozzie46
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    Milling machine vise

    I have a cheap import and when I tighten work in the jaws the rear jaw moves .007 +. Have solid rear jaw tilting vise I use now. The cheap import rear jaw is bolted down over a 3/8 or 1/2 in . ( can't remember now ) square key. Ron
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    Shriner parade car

    Mine too
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    Making a multi-cylinder crankshaft

    George, I remember following your Flat head V-8 build and the trouble you had getting it to run. Did thread just vanish into thin air? Ron
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    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    Well done sir!!!🤩 Ron
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    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    It is but it is metal filled not just clear epoxy and is tolerant of moderate heat. Navy vet told me they repaired a crack on their ship engines exhaust manifold and it last long after they returned to port. Ron
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    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    Thanks I just wondered as I have used JB Weld on mine. Holds up well too although probably takes longer to set up than your epoxy. Ron
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    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    Loos very good. What did youi use to seal the ends to the tube? Ron
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    Thank you , but believe me I have plenty of "practice parts". :( Ron
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    I did mine with manual machines. Just have to be very deliberate and think about what needs to be done continually. I have DROs on my mill/ drill, so that helped immensely. Ron
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    I think they meant the internal ring gear.
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    Machining Valve Stems

    For those of us that can't weld or have the equipment, that is an issue. Second unless the collet has absolutely zero run out there will need to be extensive lapping to get a seal against the valve seat. Ron
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    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    I don't have CNC, thanks . Ron
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    I think he means Grabcad is going offline. Ron
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    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    I still can't figure out how you cut the internal ring gear with a round involute gear cutter. Ron
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    Bogs goes electronic.

    Unfortunately John passed away a few years ago. Ron