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  1. skyline1

    Not a replica or a model, A real Lister Diesel engine

    Hi Pat Yours looks a little similar to mine, which I have found out is an ST not an LT
  2. skyline1

    Not a replica or a model, A real Lister Diesel engine

    Hi Minh-Thang Yes it's going to be fun It't not a REALLY heavy thing, about three hundred weight ish, two reasonably strong blokes with a heavy-duty sack truck should be able to move it easily SHOULD be able! I'm only 5'2" and 60 years young. My Lister mad mate is around the same age (I...
  3. skyline1

    For Kitty Lovers

    I have finally stopped laughing enough to type what is his or her name Best Regards Mark
  4. skyline1

    For Kitty Lovers

    That's gotta be worth a couple of bucks ROTFL Typical cat logic KISS
  5. skyline1

    Not a replica or a model, A real Lister Diesel engine

    Whilst this is a model forum and I apologise if this is about a full size machine It is about engines though I have just acquired a real, genuine, LISTER LT1 diesel engine. Whilst these are pretty common, fairly modern and not particularly exciting in themselves, this is to me. I live a mere...
  6. skyline1

    After 9 years, this engine is completed, and working.

    What a beautiful and unusual little machine, I am glad you persevered and finished it. It reminds me a little of the old "Stuart Sirius" engine. But your open V twin arrangement is much better looking, even if it flings oil everywhere, (that is part of the fun with these little engines ) ...
  7. skyline1

    Look what followed me home

    You lucky chap, DROs and everything, any tooling with it (chucks etc) Best Regards Mark
  8. skyline1

    Hello from a New Member

    Hi Paul That is a beautiful little D10 lovely timing both c's spot on . Purrs like a cat
  9. skyline1

    Coal fire foundry advice wanted

    Hi there The refractory you linked to seems similar to the stuff I used except that mine was 1800 C (steel grade) so it would be great for your furnace lining. My furnaces were made of old storage heater bricks lined with refractory about 1.5 inches thick. The smaller one (for aluminium) was...
  10. skyline1

    Almost burned my shop down and didn't even know it

    Quick question chaps What is Romex wiring it's a term I have not come across in the U.K.. Is it similar to what we call T&E (Twin and Earth) which consists of two Insulated conductors and an uninsulated earth (ECC) conductor in a secondary insulated sheath. it is the standard for domestic fixed...
  11. skyline1

    Almost burned my shop down and didn't even know it

    SOLD ! It was embarrassing enough trying to explain to my supplier how I managed to drag over 250 amps off a U.K. domestic supply for about 2 minutes :D :D I could well do without the whole world knowing about it o_O o_Oo_Oo_O but seriously GFIs, or RCCBs as we call them, As usual us...
  12. skyline1

    Making a model Cannon

    Thanks Ron ill do a bit of research on that one ! English law has been sketchy on this for hundreds of years seems to revolve around how powerful you were (i.e. how much money) which is why many of our stately homes and castles have fully functional, full size cannons quite legally and some...
  13. skyline1

    Seeking info

    Hi Lloyd you are right even small boilers DO contain high potential energy and as you rightly say need to be treated with respect But they need not be treated with fear, Start with a simple design like a little cylindrical pot boiler and work from there If in doubt Hydraulic test is your...
  14. skyline1

    Making a model Cannon

    I have considered making a model cannon for many years. A proper firing one even if not capable of propelling a projectile In the U.K. we have incredibly strict laws on firearms. Rightly or Wrongly I do not wish to comment. But Does anyone know the exact legal position on these as the...
  15. skyline1

    FreeCad blunder

    Good news and bad news on FreeCAD The good news Version 0.20.0 has now been officially released with many improvements and features Including " Corner on " views in the view cube. The bad news Sadly the infamous topological naming problem is still there. FreeCAD users will have to wait for...
  16. skyline1

    Plasticity 3D

    yes it is stand alone. I too made the mistake of thinking it was a Blender plug-in. I found precompiled versions here Releases · nkallen/plasticity for those interested. Best Regards Mark
  17. skyline1

    Plasticity 3D

    You, me, and many others I suspect This is typical of Autodesk, They pulled the same stunt with EAGLE their EDA package. While Cadsoft owned it things were great, But once Autodesk bought it everything changed. I had an Educational license which covered most if the Autodesk products but now...
  18. skyline1

    Machining 3D resin printed parts

    Yes thread inserts or captive nuts are other perfectly viable alternatives with the advantages you describe, Indeed I use them myself on some occasions. One of the many advantages of 3d printing is the ability to create odd shaped (e.g. hexagonal) holes making captive nuts a doddle. Some 3d...
  19. skyline1

    Machining 3D resin printed parts

    Yes PLA in particular will tend to gum up and stick if it gets hot but at modest speed it can be machined reasonably well. It does tap really well and I regularly tap M3 threads in it (or even smaller) The secret is to design and print the tapping holes slightly below the thread core dia. about...
  20. skyline1

    Unimat SL lathe motor conversion.

    Blowing air through the motor rather than around it would certainly give the best cooling if you could arrange it. Best Regards Mark