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    CNC motor Coupler Death and Repair

    Here in Portugal they call it "Seal and Glue". It's a very high strength acrylic sealing/gluing substitute for silicone and can be painted. It's used in the construction business. The Amazon example is just one of the brands.
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    CNC motor Coupler Death and Repair

    To temporary repair those, I assemble in place as it would be normally make a little tape mold around it to keep the distances and inject some of those high strength non silicone adhesive/sealant through a small hole on the tape with a vent on the other side. They stay flexible.
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    Wobble Plate Air Compressor

    Cool. Some guys modify automotive air conditioner compressors for offroad use that uses the same kind of wobble plate.
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    New to me Mill

    Torque on VFD controlled 3~motors stays constant over the whole frequency until line frequency. AC motors have a linear V/F curve so, when you run s 400V 50Hz motor at 25Hz, the motor will be supplied with 200V. if you want to maintain the torque up to 100Hz you would need to supply the motor...
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    Tiny Power Rope Engine

    Funny to see, what I presume is the cable splice jump around from row to row as it moves along the pulleys :D
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    Used to make decals out of magazine ads. 3 to 4 coats of water resistant wood glue over the image and then soak the paper in warm water to rub the paper from the back. The result was the image sticking to the glue film that could be trimmed and glued to the place you wanted the decal. I guess...
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    What do you think?

    Since the screw is belt driven, you can run 2 shafts in th hopper above the screw with some paddles driven by a small pulley on the main motor. This would stir the material above breaking down the bridge
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    Electronic glo-plug ignition?

    Elektor electronics magazine had a special glow plug regulator that could deal with "flooded" glow plugs. Just a simple circuit with a power transistor and op-amp that monitored the PTC characteristics of the glow plug. It was powered by the 12v battery of the starter box.
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    4 cylinder/4 stroke mystery engine

    For 20cc 4 cylinder a small 5 cc engine carburetor should be enough. You only draw 1 cylinder at a time
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    Chrysler Hemi 1/4 scale

    I think that is used to calculate compression ratio by measuring the chamber's volume.
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    Stanley Style Steamer

    Check this out. The boiler is at the end
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    What the heck?

    I run 50 Hz 4 pole motors to 120 Hz all the time. 3~ 230 motors can be run with a 400 V VFD with the correct parameters. The power will increase linearly up to 86.6 Hz when the motor is supplied with 400 V and then stay constant until 120 Hz. Never had a problem this way with motors up to 2,2...
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    Oil sight glass

    You can make 2 small rectangular frames in thin aluminium, 4 holes in the corners and sandwich a rectangular window in polycarbonate. On the case yoy need 4 threaded holes to screw on the aluminium/ polycarbonate/ aluminium sandwich and a hole for the oil to get through on the bottom and the...
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

    The little engine has a nice sound. A small capacitor will stop the flickering of the led but something about the sound and flicker makes it look cool👍
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

    At $3,25 a month rate in 1959, you can't complain what they charge nowadays for broadband:D
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

    Thanks. This one is not at the regular PM archive. Just found a neat metal bender for the shop in page 171👍
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

    Funny, I thought the same thing. I've read many copies of the PM magazine of the time but I can't find the May 1964 issue online. This is the month I was born.
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    O-ring for piston ring

    You could try a X ring
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    tube pump

    A small planetary style speed reducer will enhance the visual effect and will insure the pump works correctly at a slower speed.