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    Making a model Cannon

    Hi excellent model, I have made a few , but this one is EX Keep up the good work, MIKE
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    Polignacs Curved Cylinder Engine

    Hi please send details of a curved boring bar also how o use this too l thank you , MIKE
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    Hi very interested in building a full TRIUMPH OR BSA, NORTON or any Single say around 1900 to 1940s, need full plans scale does not matter , as i will change to suit. thanks MIKE
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    My Favorite Thread Calculator -Any thread you can dream up.

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    Karl Benz engine 1886

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    Another Bill Harris Steam Roller

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    Bell mouthed chuck

    Hi ex site , well worth a visit , many thanks , go well and be safe to ALL, MIKE
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    Motorcycle model

    EX CONSTRUCTION OF THE MOTOR CYCLE, , Am interested in how you constructed the Tyers , please send info to ALL. MIKE
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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    Hi well done , good to see all these models going, myself , to muh other work, but working on my project slowly , go well and be safe to ALL, MIKE
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    Help: Looking for a steam engine forum

    Hi what chemicals does one use to shine up Brass and Copper, thank you MIKE
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    Help: Looking for a steam engine forum

    Hi great site to see.........Office of Steam Forum for Model & Toy Steam Gas & Hot Air Engines - Index Well worth a visit MIKE
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    Home built pistol

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    Making a model Cannon

    Hi great work , keep it up MIKE
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    Motorcycle model

    Hi well constructed ,How about another model to build, go well MIKE
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    waterloo traction engine .29 scale

    Hi i am looking for Full Plans for the Stephenson Rocket, steam engine, very interested in building this engine, scale does not matter ,Willing to pay for them, but must be complete. many thanks MICHAEL
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    Cringle boiler build.

    Hi great work MIKE
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    WMSTR in 2021

    GRAIG Hi look forward to some Pictures of this, WELCOME TO WESTERN MINNESOTA STEAM THRESHERS REUNION enjoy yourself MIKE
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    "Dribbler" loco

    Hi well done , look forward to the finished engine , MIKE