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    Little Demon V8 - helpful hints (hopefully)

    Looking good. Thanks for the video. Interesting
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    Executive Model Design

    I ordered recently and Doug was able to get them in a few days. Might try emailing as well
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    Ellery V-Twin 100cc Design & Build

    Good catch. That should have read “your own plans” :oops:
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    Ellery V-Twin 100cc Design & Build

    Great stuff here. Just curious did you draw your on plans for the plane?
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    Wanted: Strictly I.C. set (or individual magazines)

    In case you didn’t know, I believe they are still available from
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    NAMES Expo 2018

    Same here. I will be attending for the first time. Looking forward to it.
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    SOLD - Module toothform cutter sets

    I would take the bundle if it is still available. Regards, Bob
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    Question. Indy v8

    Thanks for the information. Must have been really cool to have the car in your showroom.
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    Question. Indy v8

    Steve, Thanks for chipping in here. I appreciate it. My request was admittedly a long shot but you just never know!! I have gathered everything that I can find on the web. I have also reached out to Ilmor, but they were unwilling to release any information on the engine (even though it is...
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    Question. Indy v8

    I have been searching for some plans or information on the chevy ilmor Indy v8 that was used in the late 80's Penske pc17 Indy car. Does anyone here have any leads on information? I am gathering information for one of my goals of building a ¼ scale Pc-17 Thanks in advance. Regards, Bob
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    Questions on progression for new modeler

    Thanks. I will take a look at them. I appreciate the input.
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    Questions on progression for new modeler

    I am new to model engines and have a desire to ultimately build a v12 and a radial. Now I know that I won't jump right in to that level as my skills are not ready for that at this point. I intend to start with a wobbler. Anyway this gets me to my question. What do members here think the next...