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  1. bmac2

    Brian builds a Corliss

    Hi Brian. Having built more than a few of Elmer Verburg’s engines I’ve tapped a lot of #2-56 holes. I haven’t broken a tap since I started using quality taps, cutting fluid and a guide. My tapping guide is just mounted on the column of my small drill press and uses the same table. I’ve been...
  2. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    Thanks guys it was a fun project. Steamchick. Ah the hobbyist nemesis feeds and speeds. The biggest problem with the bit is it’s a Powerfist. Now for Canadians that should pretty much sum it up. For everyone else Powerfist is a Princess Auto’s house brand for their budget tool line. You really...
  3. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    I think when I made the tap I didn’t get the depth right. The thread in the hub is snug but that probably isn’t a bad thing. I was thinking of blackening the graduations but they stand out nicely when I’m in a working position and I think I’ll just let them get dirty on their own. All in all I...
  4. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    Oh the final assembly. This is where my great idea to have the outer ring float on the 3 balls became a bit of a challenge. Somewhere sort of East of my workbench are 2 balls and a spring (found 2 springs during cleanup). What I finally found that worked well was to put the springs into the...
  5. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    So much for the fun stuff. I procrastinated on stamping the numbers for quite a while thinking of different ways stamp on a cylinder and not have it come out looking like crap. I found the video “Making Larger Dials for the Logan Lathe” from Lyle Peterson (mrpete222/Tubalcain) where he made up a...
  6. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    I have to say that with kquiggle’s Rev7.25 of the sketch this runs dead to nuts every time. Either I didn’t have it aligned with the lathe bed or just being a slide fit on the hub I had to go around twice to get the a depth I was happy with and it just lined up perfectly every time
  7. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    For scribing the dial I setup my trusty “Arduino controlled rotary table” on the lathe bed with the whitworth cutter in the tool post. Have you ever had one of those days when the 4 jaw chuck is fighting you? For whatever reason it took me over an hour to get setup dialed in.
  8. bmac2

    Resettable Cross Slide Dial

    The one thing missing on my ML7 is a resettable dial on the cross slide. I wasn’t thinking of posting this but there might be something in it that someone can use so we’re going to jump in in the middle. The inner hub is pretty straight forward. There are 3 evenly spaced holes drilled 1/2” deep...
  9. bmac2


    Hi Gordon Found an article “Etch Your Tools with Metal Etching Pens” on the Vintage Projects site with links to an article from November 1968 Popular Science. Hope this helps. Vintage Projects!
  10. bmac2

    Small casting (alluminium) aty home.

    Hi Tom. Oxygen and propane is way too hot as well as being expensive to run for melting aluminum. Have a look at a thread I did on my first furnace and burner I put together back in 2014. The furnace is made in a 1.36kg coffee can with a mix of Fire Cement and Perlite and will do about a 5...
  11. bmac2

    3D printed grinder tool rest

    awake I hear ya, that round paving stone is used for lawn mower blades and garden tool. If you’ve ever had a tough time digging a hole sharpen the shovel. I have an 80x aluminum oxide I picked up from lee valley tools on the grinder downstairs in the shop I use for cutting tools. I like it on...
  12. bmac2

    3D printed grinder tool rest

    Must be spring time in Alberta. Yesterday I did my lawn. This morning started out clear warm and sunny but started to cloud over and rain after lunch and now (8pm) it’s snowing so hard I can barely see the house across the street. Oh well it will be good for the grass and this time of year it’s...
  13. bmac2

    3D printed grinder tool rest

    I’m pretty sure if you look up “weedy tool rest” in the dictionary it just shows you a picture of this thing. I’ve been meaning to replace the rest on the grinder in my garage since the day it came out of the box but never got around to it until now. After a little head scratching and a few...
  14. bmac2

    3D Printed Press Dies

    Stumbled across this the other day when I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole. Just one more use for a 3D printer I never would have thought of.
  15. bmac2

    Elmer’s #5 Geared Engine . . . maybe

    Sorry Lancer I missed that. I assume you’re talking about the 2 resistors on each of the USB connectors going out to the scales. That’s just a voltage divider to drop the 5v clock signal from the Arduino to the 3.3v that’s safe for the iGaging scales. R1 (going to +5) would be 100ohm and R2...
  16. bmac2

    Meh - Just a little clean up

    Foozer I feel your pain. I think it’s why I have a love / hate relationship with the Christmas season. I love getting together with friends and family (well back in the old days when you could get together) but I find myself panicking whenever I see something shiny in the carpet only to find...
  17. bmac2

    Elmer’s #5 Geared Engine . . . maybe

    Hi Lancer If you want to interface to a china Vernier have a look at this link. Arduino reads digital caliper - martin's useless and useful creations I was messing around with it a while ago and the code works. The code as written just outputs to the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE (your...
  18. bmac2

    Hi from newbie in Alberta

    Hi Lindsay and welcome to the forum. I’m hoping winter stays like this until spring and then can get warmer. You may know all these places but here are a couple of useful links to local suppliers (local as in Edmonton southeast) you can check out are. Busy Bee Tools - Busy Bee Tools -...
  19. bmac2

    Stanley Style Steamer

    For insolating the boiler I’d use refractory ceramic wool. I used it in my latest aluminum furnace build and the insulating capability is unbelievable. I have two layers of 1” between the hot face and the body of the furnace and at melting temperatures the outside gets hot, but you won’t burn...
  20. bmac2

    Filament Splicer

    Thanks Andy Yep the case is printed. I lucked out when I built my printer that the CAD program I’ve been using for years exports STL files so zero learning curve on that end. I also found out that the only thing I hate more than flat square boxes for projects is cleaning out support material...