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  1. tornitore45

    What iron foundries add to cast iron.

    The Sulfur barrel seems to be used a trash can. Sulfur is something to be avoided at all costs is any Iron/Steel composition. Is lway listed as LESS then X%
  2. tornitore45

    Hello everyone, I need some help!

    I do not mean to damper your enthusiasm, but this forum does not lend itself to didactic. Sure, we discuss all sort of subject and share the common knowledge but what you need is like a course of study. I suggest you take advantage of the internet starting with Wikipedia. Then if you have a...
  3. tornitore45

    Hello from Italy

    Ciao e benvenuto. If this is your first engine, building a radial engine is an ambition project. Here is my Edward 5 on the test bench.
  4. tornitore45

    Drill bits

    Looks like $443.76 solution to a $39.99 problem Large drills tend to wander at start. There are inexpensive solutions: Shorter Machine drill or double drilling.
  5. tornitore45

    Flame Licker troubleshooting

    Some time back I built the Lanz tractor which has a quite large flame licker. Never been able to get it running. I read here how critical the flame position and surrounding is. In my immense wisdom I decided to omit the 3 perforated baffles/screens surrounding the flame thinking it was...
  6. tornitore45

    Machinist vise repair

    The repeated tightening may turn the mild steel interference fit into loose fit. No big deal, when that happens.
  7. tornitore45

    Have you ever felt lazy or no longer interested to build engines ?

    What stops me is when I encounter difficulties or made an error. Then I think and overthink the next operation but lack the motivation to get "back in the saddle" so to speak.
  8. tornitore45

    Anzani "Y" engine 1/4" scale

    Dang, I wish I did see this before ordering a 22 x 10 Probably near stalling on the bench but I am not flying the engine so even a paint stirrer will do. I like the prop with the armored leading edge. I am planning of going with a wet crankcase No tank, just the pump.
  9. tornitore45

    Anzani "Y" engine 1/4" scale

    Thanks Peter, very useful link. I can relate to the shock shopping for propellers Master Airscrew Propellers | Extreme Performance and Efficiency For testing I plan to put a large prop like 22-24" but for display i like a chopped/partial layered prop. alternate light and dark wood layers...
  10. tornitore45

    Anzani "Y" engine 1/4" scale

    Lacking the casting I have carved out them from the billet. Now I am asking if someone has an idea of a suitable propeller. Diameter and Pitch
  11. tornitore45

    What materials to stock?

    No point in stocking up unless you have a definite project in mind. Initially you got to buy or acquire in any other way what you need, eventually left over build up. Starting a new engine I make a very detailed BOM (Bill Of Materials) including hardware and purchased parts like ball bearings...
  12. tornitore45

    valve lapping

    Another reason why wider seats do not work is that we are not dealing with perfect geometric surfaces. It gets easier to "find" a sneak-by path between to imperfect conical surface as the "contact" width increase. There is more opportunity for the deviation from the ideal geometry to go in...
  13. tornitore45

    Anzani "Y" engine 1/4" scale

    I realize this is an old thread, still hope to revive it. I was pondering on the CAM This engine has an atmospheric intake valve, therefore the intake can not open unless the exhaust valve is closed AND the piston is past TDC. There may be some vacuum created by escaping burned gas by I doubt...
  14. tornitore45

    Edward Forrest 5 cyl engine, how to cut the cams?

    Rotary Table Vertical axis small end mill Move X axis turn plunge repeat use a travel indicator if you do not trust the dials. Rotary table Horizontal axis small Ball end mill Move Z axis turn, traverse the cam width, repeat I did as above but used a regular end mill and fouled up on the...
  15. tornitore45

    Piston ring gaps orientation

    Just to limit my blanket statement above. Some 2 stroke engine have anti-rotation pins, to avoid being snagged passing by the ports. I suppose that for microscopic reason in the ring/groove geometry and in the chamber pressure distribution a ring has less resistance to rotate in one direction...
  16. tornitore45

    A Really, Really Good Book on Engine Building

    Peter I still got your message in the mailing. I suppose you deleted when you realized my interest was for the Anzani Y but the link offered the Anzani W plans. Still the link is valuable to me because is feature many interesting engine plans. Thanks Mauro
  17. tornitore45

    A Really, Really Good Book on Engine Building

    I do not know if I experienced a burn out or not but after building engines I built the Lanz Tractor, It has a flame eater engine. After that I built an RC tugboat model, enjoyed but there is a lot of painting a process I am not fond of. I am back in the saddle, tackling the Anzani Y without...
  18. tornitore45

    Piston ring gaps orientation

    It absolutely does not matter. Properly fitted ring will rotate.
  19. tornitore45

    3 cylinder 1/4 scale Anzani Engine

    Hi Jennifer, need some insight on the Anzani lubrication. The oil enters the front and travel through the crankshaft to the big end then it leaks out and get twirled around until gravity takes over. The camshaft has oil passages, but how does the oil find its way to the tiny hole that is high in...