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  1. Tim_Eickschen

    In search of duplex steam pump blueprints

    I'm looking for blueprints for a third scale and/or half scale duplex steam water pump or equivalent pump. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. Tim_Eickschen

    In surch of plans for steam launch engine

    I have the desire to build a full size steam launch. Nothing big, something for 4-6 people to putt around in. (16-18 feet long). I figured it would be best to start with the engine. I have my mind set on a two cylinder vertical engine. Can anyone point me in the direction of plans for an engine...
  3. Tim_Eickschen

    Import rotary tables

    Thanks to all for the input so far.
  4. Tim_Eickschen

    Import rotary tables

    Thanks for sharing this Canobi. As of right now, I have not gotten into a predicament yet where I absolutely need a rotary table. I may just keep an eye out on eBay and see if anything pops up in my price range.
  5. Tim_Eickschen

    Import rotary tables

    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been discussed before but I'll bring it up again. I'm just getting into this hobby and I'm interested in purchasing a 6 inch rotary table. Looking on eBay you can find several for just over $200 from India. For a person who is on a budget and can't afford a $500+...
  6. Tim_Eickschen

    Help with Clausing 5904 lathe

    I may possibly be making a purchase on a Clausing 5904 lathe. After doing some research I have found that these lathes frequently have issues with the variable speed. I have not yet seen the lathe in person or have worked with one like this. Does anybody have experience with this lathe? And what...
  7. Tim_Eickschen

    KBC Mill question

    I recently purchased a used KBC milling machine, model VM-22-R8. There are two separate Drive belts that operate it and I'm certain the previous owner has the wrong ones on here. I'm curious to know if anyone else on here has the same Mill and could tell me these belt sizes. I've contacted the...
  8. Tim_Eickschen

    PM Research #1 Mill Engine

    Beautiful work! What exactly did you use for the mortar between the stones? How did you cut and shape them? I hate to be a copycat but when I get done with my build of this engine I might have to do something like this.